The invisible hearing aid

If study or career of Philosophy end in Philosia then it is right culmination of human life too otherwise great philosophers, not mediocre, who could not end Philosophy to Philosia ended life going insane or committed suicide.

Osho described it by a story:

One rich women was facing hearing challenge in her ripened age. One day from nowhere she got an invisible hearing aid so that she could listen well.

Since no one could see her wearing it and she also pretended to behave as usual for few days.

After a fortnight she went to her lawyer and changed her will. Those who were on top priority were given bottom and those who were at bottom were given top priority in her property share.

For a common person the meaning can be understood and one can laugh at by imagining the scene or circumstances she faced after wearing the invisible hearing aid.

From Philosia it has deep spiritual message for Osho’s disciples or sannyasins.

(What a marvel it is that the spell checker on word press is suggesting me that the spelling of sannyasin may be ‘assassins’ on being asked for correcting the same as it is new word for it. Those who becomes assassins of their ego only called truly as sannyasins as per Philosia.)

Here the invisible hearing aid is the sound of ‘Naad’ or ‘Nadari’ – as called by Nanak, a Sikh mystic. When a person gets enlightened then this sound is heard by the person continuously, day and night, and it is called sound of existence. So it is like wearing the invisible hearing aid.

After enlightenment priorities of that person changes and all materialism,for which a person longs for whole life, drops from top to bottom instantly. Spiritual wishes which were kept last priority, in to do list too, were moved from there to top.

Study of Philosophy, if ends in “Nadari” or wearing an invisible hearing aid that makes you hear the most subtle sound of existence,  then it is Philosia.

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