Purpose of life

Opinion below is as per my experience and little knowledge and belief. I beg my pardon before writing it for reason if anyone got hurt unintentionally too.

In Bangladesh and in West Bengal, India there are people who belong to wandering community that depends on livelihood by singing ‘Baul Songs’.This tradition, it seems, existed since last 500-1000 years but made famous and known to people, as per Osho, by Lalon Fakhir, of West Bengal.People are known as Boul people and their songs in local language give teachings to poor peoples, on which their livelihood depends, to live in harmony with nature and follow “Laws of nature”. They got fed by those poor people for singing these songs as they believe that through them their children got educated in right direction. Baul people accepts food happily not out of mercy but because they believe that nature provided food, space, air and water to everyone, in abundance. Some people, who make storage of them more than needed or for future needs, make it hard for others to get it their daily bread and butter. So by accepting their due from those people that are not at mercy.

All this just to understand the very fundamental thing that they made their songs based upon nature as the medium because it can be understood by even poor iliterate people too. That fundamental theme is that ever human being is basically in search of “Adhaar Manus” i. e. described as “The original face” by Lao Tzu, as followers of Zen and OSHO knows well.

Perhaps, Jesus has discovered his original face.The first inhalation by a face after separation from eternity, that is constant and eternal. This inhalation is after birth out of only virgin or unchanging or constant existence. Since it is constant and unchanging so even after giving birth its virginity remains unchanged.In Hinduism it is said as the full, whole, remains as full even when the whole has taken birth from it. This these Baul singers called as “Adhaar Manus”.

So as a human being the search ends with the exhalation of last breath in eternity i e Nirvana, by Buddhist. Moksha, by Hindus. Then one is free from the cycle of birth and death. But to know how to breath last in eternity or existence, one must experience i.e. see, as per Zen or Osho, or hear,as per Nanak-Nadari, the existence and the discover the first breath, i.e. Adhhar Manus, too.

Perhaps, as per OSHO, Jesus was first to describe God as within, self, and without, no-self, both. Before him Buddha discovered God as without ‘no-self‘ and Hindu believed God within as ‘self‘. For experiencing without Buddha has not given any practical method that can be followed by ordinary people. Later modified Buddhism i.e.  Zen developed a method they call as Witnessing in other words it can be described as ‘sitting silently, doing nothing, season comes and the grass grows by itself green’.

JESUS gave compassion and service as method for experiencing both at a time. When you serve with compassion you forgot your ‘self’ completely i e experiencing the ‘no-self’. By practicing it honestly any day one can encounter “Self” by seeing the existence or hearing the song of existence.

Earlier teachings stressed that one has to achieve one goal at least in this very life i.e. either find or discover your ‘Adhaar Manus’ i.e. Original Face or discover your ‘Self’ or existence through ‘no-self’ or directly. Then that person cannot be stopped for experiencing the second. This un-satisfaction is said to be good for humanity.

Source of Information about Jesus is from:

The Mustard Seed: My Most Loved Gospel on Jesus

Commentaries on the Fifth Gospel of Saint Thomas

Talks given from 21/08/74 am to 10/09/74 am English Discourse series by


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