Grass leaf survives due to this reason

As is clear from picture of grass leaves, the Grass leaf survives because it offers no resistance.
Grass leaf survives because it offers no resistance like in this photo.

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Tornado, Tsunami, Cyclone creates large scale destruction. We have seen many such unimaginable situations from pictures of affected area. A ship or boat is hanging on a tree! Cars floating in the sea!

Have anyone seen a picture of grass leaf after the impact of such natural disaster?

Have you ever wondered why Grass leaf survives?
If it is possible to take a close-up of a grass leaf, I hope it will the picture of feeling more stronger and fresher than before. While all big trees standing tall have suffered extensive irrecoverable damage.

This existence is also like an infinite Tornado, Cyclone or Tsunami, and it is such big that even if we are part of it we cannot imagine our self within it. Like a dry leaf at top of a tornado moving at very slow speed in space. When it settles, in due course of time, and comes in contact with the ground it can feel the tornado or cyclone etc.

If we have a strong ego of being a Doctor or Politician or Leader, being a Rich or Famous or both, or even a great server of society or religious person then it is living like a strong tree. The existence is exceptionally vast or infinite and we are nothing or even not noticeable to it. It is futile to fight with it saying I am this and this or that. It is in the effort to resist the existential cyclone it falls to never get up. It is uprooted!

The grass leaf  survives because it surrenders to the tornado. It makes way for the cyclone. Its roots becomes stronger after it. It gains confidence by overcoming it and cleaned of all dust or dirt etc. gathered.


Surrender is the key. Surrender to the existence must be total and unconditional, like a grass leaf, then it is only 100%. It bends or respects by gives way to others thoughts/action/feelings. In our life we are sometimes at top of the cyclone of existence then we cannot even feel it as part of it. When we come down or settles then only we can feel the strong current and its destruction. We are part of it. A part cannot resist the whole. A hand cannot resist the mind. No one is bigger, higher or stronger than the other. We are like different body parts performing their given task to their best to serve the system of human body. No tress is better than the other. No hill is better than the other or even a stone. No river is better than the other. Each is a part of this existence.

While fighting, when an animal withdraws or surrenders against the stronger one, the stronger one accepts it as equal and don’t kill it to prove its supremacy. So is with existence, when you completely accept yourself, your body, your personality and your nothingness in comparison of it. Some human being even dares to fight with it – declaring your ego as being this and that- but in vain.

Surrender is the key to live as human being. Then every cyclone will fill you with more energy and confidence…

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