My meaning of Lao Tzu’s open all the knots. Basis Osho.

While Lao Tzu’s advice is to open all the knots. Knitting of two senses can be explained similar to enjoying food only for its taste instead of enjoying the food in totality with its  taste. Opening the knots means doing whatever you do with totality, not perfection. Like whatever you eat enjoy it to its fullest as if whole existence is poured in it- actually it is so, be it just a sip of water.

Enjoying sex in mind is knitting mind and body sense together. Opening of knot means bringing totality fully in every act of it and enjoying it to fullest then and there only (period), it should not even leave a glimpse in whole day. Knitting of beauty being enjoyed through eyes with mind, just a simple expression that what you are seeing is beautiful is involving the mind. The mind keeps the scene or beauty unexplored by senses fully and the sense then remains busy fullest alive for whole day due to knitting with mind!

Every moment the whole existence itself is made available to you in the space –  form you encounter  or with others each moment. Because our focus gets shifted to only one of its quality only or few of its qualities due to our experiences in our memory or mind, we just miss the whole existence that can be experienced by no-mind state only and we have gone astray to form a knot.
Now a days it seems we are busy in inventing newer forms of knots. It is good till we realise that everything that is available, is a form of existence itself. Knowing the knot is also good because then we just need to learn how to open them and whole puzzle called human life is solved in a moment and you come home.

Then we need not have to throw that we have caught tight hold of i.e. life but it will fall
automatically like a stone falls from the hands of a child when he comes to know about real Diamond, and the realisation that, what he is holding is just a stone, is enough.
It is in line with a book on talks given by Osho titled “From Sex to Super-consciousness”. His message needs to be understand very clearly. His focus was on full body experience during orgasm by both partner at the same time, which leads to first experience of no-mind or selflessness for a fraction of second i.e. Tantra.

Many persons experience it locally, hence keep yearning for more and more because of lack of real experience and keep searching it through eyes or other senses all through the day. That is mixing or knitting mind with senses. His message was clear that by failing in all the possible ways one day it may happen that you experience it the way it should be, then knot will open itself.

He described celibacy as trying to open the knot by force, then the opposite may happens  and one needs to hide it by artificial means, but after age of 60 when body becomes weak the suppression erupts and sometimes may go beyond control. Then trying the right method also very difficult and chances of getting successful with right result is also less. It is best to experience it before the age of 50, as Osho advised.

In my opinion, same is true for other fusions being tried now a days, the sooner one begins the better and focus must be to choose first what one enjoys while involved in it and learning happens automatically by dropping the negative attributes.

New knots are fusion/knitting of Art and Craft for Decision making, Fusion/knitting of Yoga for Health and wellness, fusion/knitting of mindfulness training for stress reduction or personality development etc etc.

They are good individually and with fusion its expected result can swing in either direction too, if suppression of natural talent is advised instead of enjoying and learning the new.

In my opinion, same is true for other fusions being tried now a days, the sooner one begins the better and focus must be to choose first what one enjoys while involved in it and learning happens automatically by dropping the negative attributes.

One can keep trying in his own way also consistently and persistently. One may succeed in very first attempt. Even if you succeed even in 20 – 30 years of time for first glimpse, your real personal journey called human life begins, in right direction for discovering “Self” or Self-realisation or Atma or Consciousness. All these yearning for Post, Power, Politics etc. is due to not experiencing it. Even then it is worth enjoying the journey.
“Being Human” from human being, and as a by-product one will automatically drop all negative attributes once Diamond i.e. self is seen or experienced.

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