Who am I?

When i see, am i really seeing? When i listen, am i actually listening? When i touch, am i feeling the touch? When i inhale, am i able to decipher it? When i eat, who is feeling the taste?

Answer of all these question is I am the person who is seeing/listening/touching/inhaling etc.

Is it really true? if yes, then when a dead body’s eyes are open, what it is seeing? or if loud music is being played near it, who is listening? etc etc.

The seer is actually beyond the eyes and the mind and so is true for the listener etc.

We have attached our ego by unknowingly understanding that i am this body, and feeling by senses are recognized as I am feeling or enjoying all of them. This is due to society we live in and our surroundings from childhood. But it is our duty as human being to search within because only truth liberates. This is real purpose of human life and it is same for everyone, but paths may be different. One of the difference between science and spirituality is that of discovery. In science a discovery by one opens eyes for everyone, who whats to understand it. In spiritual journey each one has to discover his or her own soul or truth. The one who has discovered can only helps like a finger pointing to the Moon or just by sitting near such person a non-verbal communication between two bodies can happen as soul is same for all. That is why it is important to keep seeing i.e. Darshan (in Hindi) of such persons.

The path of spirituality is to experience the seer within, or the listener within by searching the answers of the questions above. This is where science and spirituality is similar.  Another difference between science and spirituality is that in science the search is outside and narrow, so even after highest qualification one finds himself/herself unfulfilling and the quest for more remains. While in the path of spirituality the search is inner and after realization or experience of truth or soul or consciousness it leads to liberation and satisfaction because it is infinite and eternal in itself.

  All the senses are having two ends. One outer end and one inner end. When we see an object using our mind and physical part of our eyes its image is formed and mind helps to understand it from the available memory records. That is why a child goes on asking questions about things he/she looks for first time.

Experience of truth happens when one is thoughtless and in witnessing awareness the soul uses the other end of the eye to see from within to outwards! Since it does not require mind, so the mind must be still i.e. in no-mind state or state of thoughtlessness.

Now the question arises, why we think? We think because we treat this body as ours. So dropping of ego is must for this journey. Our qualification, because we have earned it, is biggest hurdle in it. All those designations that define you or your ego is the reason. This is the reason of your increasing stress in life, as you grow. Since we go on joining new groups, new social platforms real or virtual actually our stress level increases, in effort to reduce it because we fail to understand basic nature of Ego. Which you are not.

All those pictures or experiments of capturing the photograph of a soul leaving body and measuring the weight of soul are just eye wash and results are due to unnoticed errors as science narrows the field but actually soul’s filed is infinite. Soul never leaves, it remains stand still always. Like space occupied by a pot kept at a place in a room. If one changes its location, it occupies space of that location, the space never moves actually. This is why soul of all living and nonliving things are same  i.e. infinite, eternal and constant.

Answer of Who am i? is experiencing it, living it. It is living in ecstasy, or bliss once experienced it.

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