Osho on Ishavasya Upanishad

A 7 day camp at Mount abu, Rajashtan, India was organized along with practical meditation camp, so that his disciples get enlightened in this very camp. A few of them continued with him for about 20 years after this camp (as per my information) specially Taru. So a reader may practice his teachings at home while reading this book to get most out of it.
Even a beginner in spirituality of any Country or Religion may get greatly benefited with little intelligence to use his teachings according to his custom/religion.
Whenever a male sperm enters into female egg, the egg gets fertilized or when the movement of pollen from the anthers to the stigma it results in seed production after it is set. There enters the soul so as to enable them to multiply to form a body and grow, Generally speaking it is common for all living organisms that the soul enters to ensure proper growth of the cells as per the meeting parts. All these senses are later formed. This is why the soul is beyond these senses, even in case of human being!

It is said in this Upanishad that this soul itself reveals to a human being, if one remains receptive to it. This is just like movement of cloud towards low pressure zone in sky. Our love, prayer, service etc helps us just as a tool to create that low pressure zone and our wishes gets fulfilled. Only when a person wholeheartedly putting everything at risk make effort to seek one’s soul then it reveals itself and then only that person is called a Mystic or a Sage etc. It is prime duty of every person who is born as a human being.

Human life consists of two parts one the body, action part, and the other the soul, feeling part. Like in Aesops fable, a blind and a limping person so as to escape the fire in forest, it is combination which saved them. Osho said that it is possible that due to emergency situation they both interacted very fast and due to which when they come out of that fire the blind may have been believing that he is seeing and the limping person may be believing that he is running.

Such is the situation in our life, the fire, or in adolescent age, the fire, and we started feeling as if death of our body is death of our soul and the soul started feeling that it is body. The soul will remain after the death of body and leave our body as indifferently as it entered into it in fermented cell of the embryo.

Indian sages said that by understanding soul one will get experience of true Love, it will never be eclipsed by hate forever and this leads to bliss. It requires no other person even to be in love with this self. It is due to the absence of such true love that we find so much hate and love running together in our life. Since such love and hate are like two extreme positions of a swinging pendulum and true love is neutral position at center. When we pass through this center position our speed is so much that we cannot feel it. Sometimes in our “Aha” moments we feel it but we fail to extend those moments any longer because we have wasted our energy in being busy with touching the extremes of love and hate.

This central position is Ecstacy, one may call it self love or eternal love or universal love. It does not require the other to remain in it. It is birthright of every human being to embark upon this journey. Just a few minutes of practice while carrying out our daily responsibilities is sufficient to keep the lamp lit. Then whenever one gets time to dedicate full time, the lamp being already lit, is of great help.

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