Buddha’s teachings are enlightening people of even present generation at global level !

Out of many sage slash mystics who got enlightened and are able to reach the destination of every soul, only one The Buddha’s teachings are enlightening people of even present generation at global level.

Buddha gave method of experimentation with self, instead of plain information. This proved a breakthrough like invention of bicycle for commuting distances. Whether it is Buddha’s teachings or bicycle, all that can be done by the people is modification in it for use in particular situation or purpose, but the basic unit is still in practice by common people.

There exists two or three basic branches of Buddha’s disciple. Through Bodhidharma it entered China, still alive there, and is practiced as Zen in Japan even today. Another branch through Sarah, grandson of Buddha, entered Tibet and its one branch developed by Tilopa for using Forms as a means for enlightenment. Through forms Tantra, and its many variety, is still practiced all around world specially in western countries.

Osho said that even Jesus was influenced by this Tantra method but used Love instead as his message. He is of opinion that even Sufi’s also got their inspiration to treat God as “female lover” from it.

In this age of internet, which do not care about your country, colour, cast and creed, Osho’s effort of reading more than 0.5 Million books in his life and developing an understanding among his disciples that we are all basically one, is helping all global companies about cross-cultural interactions. Osho gave his commentary on nearly all possible religious texts and messages, in text or poem form, of various mystics. Over time this has passed to younger generations and through YouTube, Social Media and Internet even today’s generation is very well aware about his teachings.

His teachings are simple and can be applied while following any religion and performing our social responsibilities too.

Practice of witnessing awareness is one such method. It requires one to remain fully involved in any one routine task. Whether bathing or brushing or anythin which requires only one or two minutes. Just remain fully available to that task, without thinking anything about past or future in those moments and experience every movement of soap or brush. Just remain fully present and totally involved in that activity.

Allow it to slowly slowly spread over all of your activities, even during sex i.e Tantra mediatation’s lower or substitute form, from there one may experience it one day alone too. This experience is called Mahamudra, by Tilopa, which is merging with existence by loosing self only experiencing remains, neither the experience nor the experiencer.

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