True potential of every human being.

Our galaxy is a small island in existence, probably, like Hawai or Fiji as compared to other galaxies of size of Russia. Our galaxy consists of two main branches and our Solar system was not allotted any seat on its main branches but at Orion Spur, a separate branch for lower class solar systems like ours! Yes it is only 1% of other nearest Sun! I do not want to talk about my country and at least our home. Osho/Buddha sitting in “Dhyan awastha” or in meditation posture with closed eyes, means Infinite radiating from him because he is one with it in that moment! It is nearest possible picture of infinite that an enlightened person can show you!!

Man is such a creature that in his last step is to again jump into the infinite, from where its journey originally begins and all these huge objects are far behind our journey say billion years behind, poor fellows they are as far as consciousness is concerned. A man has crossed whole of the ocean and faced all the turmoils but it seems that when he has to take last step towards final destination, he gets distracted by the worldly matters and most of them fall again in the Ocean. A person making hole in a boat may ruin life of many and a person plugging hole of that boat may save many. Buddha and Osho did that job of plugging the hole, and even after 2500 years many are getting enlightened following them.

If a person has eyes to see, then infinite can be seen, of which this whole existence is an island part only. Earlier it is said that an immoral or materialistically indulged person cannot even think of following the path to awaken the self consciousness. Osho proved the concept of “Zorba the Buddha” i.e. irrespective of what amount of energy one has spent in his/her life, one can begin from scratch and awaken the self consciousness just by living an ordinary life and performing duties by just being fully aware about the job at hand. No need to leave home or office even because one cannot leave this world.

When a human being is born it means infinite energy has materialized or manifested in form of human being. When a Buddha is sitting in “Nirvana” state he is just creating a situation for you, so that you can understand that he has reached from where his journey was begun i.e. infinite and always present state. When beginning is such and its end is same then all those in between are also having a seed of it at present also, just they are not aware of it. So energy that energy can flow in a human being, which is to say more than 1000 times the amount of water flowing from Niagara fall per second! Energy from which birth to a human being is possible is not a small amount at all. So whatever amount of time and energy is wasted is always much much less and can be recovered within a year or two. Provided the collected energy is not spent in many activities but by being fully aware in activities at present in hand and being totally involved in them physically as well as mentally.

Materialistically we are so poor that our home is infinitesimal and at level of consciousness we are strongest so as to become center of the infinite existence to be able to draw energy from it and release energy in it too. What is smartness then? Become strong materialistically and then pursue consciousness instead of career, in my opinion, so that this opportunity is not missed this time or in this birth.

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