When enjoying a scene in forest becomes futile?

There are three levels of Consciousness. Sub-conscious state of Mind, Conscious mind and Super conscious state of mind. While we sleep i.e. When our Conscious mind rests then Sub conscious mind awakes and start watching dreams to fulfill our unfulfilled wishes. The watcher, the scene and the relation between these two drops immediately as soon as we awake, ie leaving state of Subconscious mind and entering conscious state of mind in the morning.

Same experience happens when a  person leaves Conscious state of mind, Physical or material world, and enters Super-Conscious state of mind or Experiences the Soul or Existence. This is called as ‘Nirvaana’ by Buddha or ‘Christ-Consciousness’ or knowing the “Turth” , that liberates- a person from dream state to awakened state, as per Jesus or “Kaivalya” by Mahavir etc.

Immediately the watcher, the scene and act of watching drops and one got awakened and only one remains. Due to this other there existed the relation between the two also. Krishnamurti said this state as “The observer is observed”.

In Hindi there is a morning song for waking up a child: “Utha jaag musaafir bhor bhayee, ab rain kahan jo sowat hai,jo jaagat hai so paawat hai, jo sowat hai vo khowat hai. Oh traveler now get up, in the sense of get awakened, because the Sun has risen and only the one who got awakened will be profited, by the gift of God to live as human being on this Earth, and remaining will be in loss, by loosing the rare opportunity. Here a kid is called as “Traveler” – to remind him that we have lived many lives each life as a journey towards the destination, but not reached the destination till date i.e. our soul, that is why you have taken again birth as a human being. After finding one’s soul i.e. destination, which one gets liberated from cycle of birth and death. Same as a person comes out of dream after waking up from sleep. Now again one cannot start from the point one’s dream ended. This profit will remain with you forever and no one can steal it from you. This is called as “Shubh-Laabh”. “Shubh” means that remains forever.” Laabh” whatever progress one has made in this spiritual direction will never diminish even after death of the body.

 A more relatable example can be :

When a person recognizes that he is lost in a forest then immediately his capacity to appreciate beauty or nature get lost, because now the priority is how to get out of it.

To a seeker, the world seemed as a Forest, as soon as he/she understood that we are all connected but he/she also came out of the forest immediately due to sudden enlightenment. Now all those with whom he lived and all that he possessed looks like a forest to him. I am just witness of this forest and these all are within me but they are not connected to me. This understanding of Forest as my people and my asset is bondage and that kept one living till date, and lit the hope to live further.

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