My reason for celebrating Ester.

It is belated. Hope you like it. This Easter is far more important because i can now realize the resurrection of Jesus as Christ. Like in case with ‘Anand’, an elder brother turned disciple on condition that he will always with Buddha because after becoming his disciple it is difficult to give any order to him.
Buddha accepted with a smile.This he understood only after death of Buddha. When he was kept outside the room where important sermons were about to be written, as Buddha told to his disciples that ‘Anand’ is not enlightened and he will get enlightenment only after his death.Sitting outside the room, ‘Anand’ got enlightened and then he understood the meaning of smile on face of Buddha, that his surrender was conditional so it was not total. He could have got enlightened earlier if there was no condition put forth by him.Actually resurrection is given name because one of the disciple was just on the brink of enlightenment but his surrender was also conditional, may not be unmentioned- so he too betrayed- but at last moment Jesus realized this fact and left his body so that at least one among others can get enlightened. So only the one who really repented on his great mistake, got enlightened. He “Saw” the infinite nothingness encompassing both positive and negative or Yin and Yang in it. Since it is same for all enlightened persons and then they remain for eternity there, so he informed to others that he “saw” Jesus. Only our iris is having a unique pattern, even two faces are similar so body is not unique. Only through eyes it can be “seen”, Which is called Satori in Japan and enlightenment in Hindu scriptures.

One Sufi mystic Amir Khusro said in his famous poem called as “Amir Khosro ki Rubaiiyan”:

Chab tilak sab cheeni re moh se naina milayee ke,

Baat agham keh deeni re moh se naina milayee ke,

Vaikha baat agham ki, kahan sunan ki naahin,

Jo jaane so kahe nahin, jo kahe so jaane nahin.

Khusro is saying that when got met me through eyes, he said that which cannot be said and i lost my identity too as well as his image i formed in my mind that also is lost and he was something unspoken about only can be seen. So the one who is describing about God, has actually not seen it because the one who sees it becomes speechless because there is no one left to feel. With relation to God all feelings are mind game only.

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