God is a great puppeteer, and so now are Osho, Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Mahavira, Nanak, Zharathustra etc

KathputaliCurtesy Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

A puppeteer is one who prepares a script for the puppet show, then design its characters and provides them the desired quality and mechanism so as to be able to produce the desired character to its perfection!

Then attaches threads to the puppet at various parts and tie other end in his/her finger. And just with a little movement of one or both hand’s finger, palm and arm dexterity the puppet is live on stage! to perform its role as per his/her wishes!

We all are puppets in the hands of God and through the string of breathe attached to each and everything, each and everyone, everytime. Iron oxidises and so the plant breathe, animals breathe and even water/stone too. With human being it is no different case with only difference that it seems to him/her that he/she is breathing!

Like out of a wide spectrum of visible light only a very small spectrum is available to us for our sense of light and so is with sound, smell. touch and taste. So in a way our senses have to pass sucessfully through a regulatory autority in our mind then only we are able to sense or perceive it.

So is with our breath.

Many children are born dead. Since their lungs are not capable enough to bear the pressure of intake of first breath, breathed by the God himself on a lump of soil or puppet being tied with a rope but unable to withstand its own load when raised up.

It is a miracle because the neonatal has no previous experience of it, as he/she is so one with the mother that this separation itself is a great shock for newly born, who is living a carefree life till date one with the mother. So is with the last breath, it is not exhaled but taken back in normal routine by God, as role of that very puppet is over now.

So, neighter we inhale first breathe, nor we can control it. So is with last breath. What we are able to do is only inhaling and exhaling in a very short spectrum of breathe, but we term it as “I” and the ‘ego’ starts breathing. When first is by God and last is taken too by God then how come we are taking in between them? So, actually the God himself is breathing in you and all systems like heart, mind, digestion, excretion etc are happening. Even an idea in our mind is given by God himself so that you can convert it into a material form, but the Ego. What thought cannot do for itself that job is assigned to the mind, so that hunger developed in stomach can be satiated, then again digestion is automatic process. It is the hunger that gives us idea to study a particular subject etc etc.

Here happens the greatest blunder because the ‘ego’ which actually is not, but seems to exists and it becomes so real that we go on adding layer upon layer to strenghten it but everytime we end up trying to add another layer till end of life. Then frustration arises that even our all out effort there is no peace inside, something is lacking everytime. When a person die, actually for body there is nothing like death, the ‘Ego’ dies. The fear is due to the fact that our all out effort we are unable to save it.

Sometimes we see a rope in the dark and for fear of snake we start running and may possible that we met with an accident too and our hands/legs may got fractured or abrasion etc. Later when we come to know that it was rope only, and not the snake but our fracture or abrasion is there to declare that it was real snake!

So is with ego, it exists not but it’s effects are so real. Just because the mind enjoys its company. In meditation we try to clamdown this mind so that we come to know the real i.e. rope as rope, and not the snake because all problems are created due to this illusion.

We all are created to utmost perfection by the God and for a purpose but we cannot know our real purpose because the world that can be sensed by us, is itself very limited, so just surrender each and every act to God’s will as Jesus said, “Thy shall be done.” And you have attained your pourpse of life, simple.

An enlightened being is one who has attained this Godliness during this lifetime, and so he/she is able to go beyond mind and use mind as a tool. Then there is no regulatory autority over him, and he/she can breathe his last as per his will and get merged with God to assist him in his job of helping those, who strived hard in their life and come to realise that there is no one but God for him/her, with surrendering attitude. Osho is still available to those who surrender to him. Once Osho joined God as living being itself, then he knows that all are puppet and he can manage them for their betterment to putup a show, so this website name Osholeela. In Hindi “Leela” means Play or game or drama. Name of drama is based on who was awakened and managing the show, the one who has surrenderd to him.

Below is a link of puppet show video. While watching it try to remain one with the puppeteer instead of puppets movement. This is witnessing. To be able to see the hands behind all these acts, acts of God. Witnessing our own body as a puppet, is witnessing .

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