You don’t know why you are existing in the first place-Osho

Line ‘ .,,You don’t know why you are existing in the first place…’ is most powerful according to me.

Its answer, if searched inside, may lead one to ‘real path’ that one never loose.

The answer is already there all around you, just the capacity to ‘see’ it is regained. In childhood everyone has lived it.

It is felt first time, without body touching, in other or other things and get a glimpse of it. Lao Tzu got it while a leaf was dropping and carried away by wind without its permission/will! Such is in nature with everyone including all including human being but realisation is needed.

A lady saint got it while earthen pot filled with water felled from her head and neither water nor pot left for any use, that she was dreaming while carrying, and immediately came out of dream world around.

Then in next step one can get a glimpse of it without anyone’s help!

This is ‘the path’ Osho is talking about, that one never loose and worth travelling.

Lao Tzu called it ‘The way’ or The pathless path.

While we travel on the road we see the road as the way but actually we are 3D objects and moving, in volume, in empty space above it! That ‘invisible way’ but real ‘way/path’ like phenomena happens automatically in any moment or may not happen at all.

Guru Nanak described that emptiness as ‘door’. Usually A room is composed of four walls, a roof, a window and a door. We are unable to pass through walls, while X-Ray can pass through those walls easily. We can pass through air, while for a super sonic plane – air acts as a barrier. So solid may not be solid and emptiness can be a barrier.

So emptiness may exist!

And reverse can also be true that we feel only that we exist but actually it may not be the case orvtrue. We may be pure emptiness! Or both together at a time ie body and soul. Soul being emptiness all around body.

According to Guru Nanak guru or master can only lead you to that ‘emptiness’ of door being visible or felt by you even for a fraction of second. So Guru Dwara of Nanak.

In no-mind state and simultaneously in witnessing awareness it can be seen.

For Gen Z or millenial generation ‘the path’ can be best visualised as ‘Data’. It is there in action or every internet action taking place in it but it is invisible.

To be able to ‘see’/‘feel’ the ‘Data’ even for a fraction of second is what is called ‘Satori’.