Tao and law of energy.

Only metaphour can be used to explain ‘the logic’ or ‘the law’ or TAO because it is not logic too at the same time because both opposites are present in it-Wu and Wei.

Like human beings.

According to metaphour of mobile as human body, and data its soul. TAO can be defined as ‘THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF ENERGY’’ :

The law says that it cannot be created or destroyed only converted into one form to another form. That law maintains an equilibrium of all hidden energy – in material form – and expressed energy that we use to drive our gadgets etc.

In this mobile metaphour too:

This law is driving force behind all energy source for data/digits in unmanifest form or processor/mobile in manufested form.

It may be the mobile/processor/computer/tower etc as manifested form of that energy (the white part) from materials of the Earth or the digits it will process (non manifested

Part-black part) or Data for mobile both are in existence due to change in form of that infinite energy. You cannot see the law of energy but it is working continuously maintaining the equilibrium in whole cosmos. It is behind every action in mobile/computer/data/digits.

So is every human being as only manifested part of that infinite energy, and what is amazing that by knowing or ‘seeing’ it in non manifested form one can know the law too and immediately get connected to that infinite reservoir of energy.

Once you get connected to it, you become eternal like Lao Tzu. As saints have said who have known it, that :This is very purpose of every human life.