Osho focuses his teachings on two main points.

First is that meditation and spiritual journey shall be effortless, natural and relaxing. Awareness meditation can be done in very effortless, natural and relaxed manner that i practiced many years and found exceptionally rewarding too.

One of the best awareness meditation, my tried and tested is as below:


Another point is Love. Everyone seek love but fail even to recognise it in routine life. A flower can be looked at with great love, with a feeling of togetherness, being in present at the moment in this infinite eternal cosmos!

Most people end up their life meaning love as Sex only just because they fail to experience true love. True love knows giving without expectations from other end. If you can love a flower then you can love everyone. Plucking the flower is not love, but greed. Same is with fish, if you love eating it then you don’t love fish but love its taste or love eating it.

Best way to understand Osho’s philosophy is to read him, listen him or watch his video because he used to express it through his face too.

On love my choicest best is as below: