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Every river just keeps flowing and one day it gets merged in the Ocean, from where its cycle begun by evaporation of water. Name of a river is the name of the path it traveled. Joshuto is name of the path, life lived as living human being, a person traveled to become what one is today and the journey is in progress till the beginning of the cycle is reached.

When a person begins to practice meditation in his routine family life then another river starts flowing ie spiritual or inner journey for search of self/Buddha-Christ-Krishna consciousness/Soul.

While we can see and feel journey of life, at the same time another river of consciousness/chitanya(चैतन्य) is also present in invisible form and flowing parallel to it.

For God, if there is any, or existence or cosmic law of energy or Tao maintaining the flow of consciousness is more important so that it will reach its destination ie cosmic-consciousness, its Ocean.
We plan according to our physical world needs or growth. God or law of energy controls us so that river of our consciousness reached its destination. Whenever our plan fails it is because of mismatch of our flow and God’s flow.
Success of our plan is just a coincidence.

Studying Osho since my teen age and practicing simple meditation techniques following my routine made me a very confident person today. I attain Osho and his teachings to it. My religion also helped me in a lot of way to support my search. It is my trust in my religion and my personal journey following Osho’s teachings too that I am able to understand the essence of Osho’s teachings or other mystic’s teaching through him that is worth following in today’s context. is my effort to bring in notice of the people about successful works of a “controversial mystic” called Osho. His teachings have got a taste of time now that is a must for a person to be called as mystic or not.
People from 75 countries and nearly all religions learned to live simple life, prepare own vegetarian food and ‘enjoyed’ meditation.
In Indian people used to have separate bedrooms for men and women, now every house has a bedroom with attached toilet.
Co-education was rare but then begun in nearly all schools. Inter-cast marriage and love marriage started. People started choosing their career by choice. Meditation made its reach inside nearly every educated person’s life.
All in all, according to me, he set many benchmarks for Jaim community, its worldwide recognition and highly respected among foreigners.
He gave commentary on all previous mystics, including many lesser knowns too, and gave their teachings a new lease of life by making it available to whole world in different possible languages and in all possible formats, that were beyond reach of normal person that time.
A normal person will need at least ten life to get the work he did in one!

Like everyone of us, he was a human being. To err is a human. In my effort I will try to focus on the teachings that were adopted immediately by various religions and society so as to sustain till today. In some sense he brought much needed changes into them that people/society/religion were not able to bring themselves.
Some of his teachings were very absurd like “No family life” concept and it failed miserably. It can be assumed that he deliberately exaggerated so that we may be able to settle at some lower level, still better than before according to their level of courage. In a sense it gave flexibility to everyone while saved him from a lot of questions.
It is also an effort to save people from “Blind Followers” of Osho without any experience of real meditation or existential bliss.

जोशुतो, उस अनोखे रास्ते का नाम है जो एक शरीर (स्ट्रक्चर) ने एक इंसान के रूप में जन्म लेने के बाद तय किया. उसमें मेरे सारे कर्मों और उनसे मिली सीख को जीवन में उतरने के फलस्वरूप जो मैने पाया वह यह की जीवन एक रास्ता है जो जो समष्टि अलग अलग रूपों में तय करती है | जन्म से नाम शरीर को दिया गया है लेकिन समष्टि शरीर के पहले भी थी और बाद में भी रहेगी | एक अनोखे (इनोवेटिव) रास्ते से समष्टि गुज़री जिसका नाम जोशुतो है |
जिस प्रकार सफेद बादल, हवा का ही एक घना रूप है, और कहीं भी आता-जाता है, बनता बिगड़ता रहता है, पल-पल जीता है वही जोशुतो का भी होने का ढंग है. यह उसने ओशनिक वेव होकर जाना है |