DNA cracked

I came to know about molecular research institute while watching a video of meeting of your scientists with Dalai Lama. In one question a scientist was asked to him about reason for automatic rearranging of DNA after trying new pattern in it. He answered as ‘Prana’ as a reason.

It may be true but more accurate answer was already given by saint Kabir in his one of songs. It is to inform you that once a person has attained ‘nirvaana’ he just need to focus his both eyes at centre of forehead ie third wye and whatever question asked is answered by infinite cosmic consciousness!

In The Geeta, vedantic text, too this method of meditation is stated to be informed by Krishna to Arjuna.

In that song, link below, Saint Kabir is saying that the bedsheet(body) is very scarcely woven. It is made of ‘warp’ and ‘weft’ in which as per my conclusion warp is ‘spiral pair’ (Ingla in Hindi, main source located in spinal chord) and weft is ‘horizontal bars’ (Pingla in Hindi and source same but on other side) Then he informs that the design is made up of ‘sushaman thread’ (pingla in Hindi its main source too is spinal chord but at centre and in case of enlightened person this gets activated ti make him able to communicate with cosmic consciousness ie Prana) 

So all DNA Protein arrangements are connected by Prana(invisible) to make it a thread like so when you try to change pattern but unable to take out from its twisted thread like invisible Prana, so it regains it’s position again so as to remain in ‘sushaman thread’.

Sharing with you with hope that this information is not used for destruction of human being but instead scientists get attention towards more better way to research through meditation, enlightenment and Nirvaana as in that you all not only fulfill your obligation towards humanity but towards yourself too.

हिन्दी में संत कबीर का गीत:

झीनी झीनी झीनी रे बीनी चदरिया, काहे का ताना, काहे कि भरनी, कौन तार से बीनी चदरिया, इंगला पिंगला ताना भरनी, सुशमन तार से बीनी चदरिया. ठोक ठोक कर बीनी चदरिया….

Listen to the song: Jheeni Jheeni Beeni Chadariya at https://wynk.in/u/jhyXulatL on Wynk Music