God is not only in Temples, Mosques, Churches etc.

God is not only in Temples, Mosques, Churches etc. but everywhere, in everyone and from eternity to eternity.

Sages and mystics all over the planet have again and again taught people of their time about their uniqueness of being born as a human being on this planet.

Based on their teachings I may conclude that on this planet God exists in every human being in most vibrant and easily available form. Buddha said and Osho too stressed in his teachings that meditation helps in experiencing this potential.

It can be enhanced to such a level that complete transformation of human is possible so as to remain only in ‘being’ form. For them human form cease to exist but visible to others so that they can get a taste of their own potential.

God starts acting through such ‘being’ for betterment of people in realising their potential to its fullest.

For example parent of a child has gifted him a computer or mobile so that he can study at home as well as watch religious videos made available by society. Now one day he was caught red handed by his father watching pornographic video.

His father informed him that watching such video is harmful and you should not watch them in future. His father activated parental lock on his internet account too. The child and parent both starts blaming computer and Internet as responsible for this act. This is how society acts or face such situations.

Neither the parent knows nor the child that ‘what is being seen on screen is actually sequences of zeroes and ones for computer’! Whatever is projected on screen is also not real! It is just projection of the sequence in a ‘defined manner’ and basically only three basic colours. Just this understanding is required then there is no harm in watching everything because first thing that will come into your mind is that it is just projection of 0’s and 1’s and image is not real.

A Mystic like Osho, Buddha or Lao Tzu etc acts as a Scientist and let you understand the reality as it is.

So even a garbage can be prayed as God because it also a projection like you are. For you it is garbage because you are habitual of seeing, defining and differentiating between projections. Mind is very clever in such things.

While for God everything is made up of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ as Chinese mystics defines it or Call it two opposites. Whatever is seen is just projection of this reality on your mind. Your mind gives them defined patterns. What hurts it becomes bad, what pleases it becomes good.

Once you are able to go beyond mind ie no-mind state then you will be able to experience the reality for first time. Meditation is the way to attain no-mind state.

Another example: If ssyou are positioned at a periphery of one of the concentric circle of a disc or concentric hollow sphere of a sphere and its centre is your being. Now you are exposed to only a fraction of your being with respect to its full potential at centre. Like we are capable of experiencing only a fraction of visible spectrum of light, spectrum of sound and heat etc and that too for a very short span of time in this eternal existence present from infinite time.

This is why we get engaged in more human activity because from childhood it is available to its full potential all around in society. So much so that we forget our being ness completely. Again we live in a very small fraction of societies exists on this planet so part of our circle looks flat! We start competing with people on ahead in periphery and looking downwards towards people behind us. While everyone is actually dancing at its position on the periphery. Everyone is both starting and end point of it. Egyptian wisdom call it a snake eating its tail.

Meditation lets one start moving towards the centre. The more the movement the greater is feeling of being and lesser of as human.

Transformation or ‘Enlightenment’ happens when person falls at centre. Notice the word ‘falls’, because it happens, like it happens in love.

This automatic action is called as Wu-Wei-Wu by Laotzu in China, effortless effort in Zen.

Then only being remains and human part cease to act for the sake of material worldly desires etc.

My most favourite meditation is as per link below:


With lots of blessings to all.