Can garbage be prayed as God?

Mystic Meerabai, (it seems to me that she applied teachings of Jesus on God himself and) fell in love with Lord Krishna leaving her married husband and ultimately found God as her husband. Photo of Meerabai at her Temple in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, (curtesy :Sardar trilochansingh booksellers) main temple at Merta City, Rajasthan,India

There was a Buddhist mystic, who burned wooden Buddha statue of the temple, where he has to stay at chilling night before, to safeguard himself from chilling cold.

In the morning the priest of the temple got angry to see the ashes of Buddha’s statue, then he started searching for Buddha in ashes and told him that had Buddha was there in that statue then he must be in these ashes also, don’t worry if I will find him I will return to you.

He was thrown out of the temple but he started praying the Milestone in the morning indicating the priest that let new statue be of this stone! Rest is history because afterwards all statues of Buddha are made out of stone. So huge and so gigantic could not be possible in wood.

Yes, God can be prayed in garbage provided you can see it there. The God or Love or Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. These three are names of same phenomenon in India people call it सत्यम शिवम् सुंदरम or सत चित आनंद (truth, conscience and happiness that they bring in your life).

Yes garbage can be prayed as God and you may ultimately discover that it is true at least for you. The fault is not in God but in our inability to see or his inability to present himself to you. Exact answer to this question is nearly impossible because it is like ‘Hen and egg’ puzzle. Still I will try.

God or ‘self’ or consciousness is eternal, constant, present and infinite. So you too have all these qualities provided

1) you can remain in present moment, because for God or self there is no past or future. He is in present from eternity to eternity or timelessness.

2) Kabir said :प्रेम गली अति सांकरी, जा में दो ना समाय। means if you-as ego or doer-are present in subtlest form ‘self’ or God’ could not be ‘seen’. Yes it is true that the experience happens on its own through eyes only.

To remain in present moment you can only practice meditation. Your work or your yearning for thinking or your love all these can be done meditatively then their very nature changes in long run and one day in a moment when you become egoless then that ‘seeing’ happens. Then transformation happens in a moment and you are not the same person again for eternity because you have tasted timelessness within the framework of time. Then and only then you will be able to see God everywhere, no no you will see God in everything first then you see that thing.

My favourite meditation is as below link. I practiced it during brushing my teeth fully aware about feeling of movement of brush, sensation of paste and slowly -slowly started remaining present in one activity in a day. In 30 years it engrossed my all activities.