Old Master and a tiger cub

It is my experience that a fake master never fail to Judge a real disciple ie Lion’s cub. Now instead of letting it know the reality the whole effort starts to prove that it is a worst kind of goat. Still if the Lion’s cub persists then one day on its own this realisation happens on its own. Osho and Buddha are examples of such enlightenment. Once a person has realised his being then only he can really be able forgive everyone in his past life because the world is a cyclical projection of that being. They have taken their role very seriously and forgot to pay attention to their being or realisation of their being. This forgiving is filled with compassion and feeling of helplessness towards them. So never judge your master just remain sincere in your effort, it your sincerity in your life with everyone that counts because it makes you, like a honey bee collects honey over a period of time. Then one day the whole collected honey falls upon you and realisation happens. Blessings to you. Osho, Buddha and all enlightened people are here for your help. Do pray and ask grace from any enlightened person in your lineage on sarvpitra amavasya. If your prayer heard then a crow will taste your bhog for sure.

Osho Stories

Just the other day I was reading one of Ramakrishna’s parables. I love it. I read it again and again whenever I come across it. It is the whole story of the Master being a catalytic agent.

The story is:

A tigress died while giving birth to a cub, and the cub was brought up by goats. Of course, the tiger believed himself to be a goat also. It was simple, natural; brought up by the goats, living with the goats, he believed that he was a goat. He remained a vegetarian, eating and chewing grass. He had no conception. Not even in his dreams could he dream that he was a tiger, and hewasa tiger.

Then one day it happened that an old tiger came across this herd of goats and that old tiger could not believe his eyes. A young tiger was walking amidst the goats!…

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