How a Mystic leaves his body at wish peacefully?

Three leaves Clove- sign of a Mystic passed through all phases of Love successfully and flowered.

A mystic comes to realise that life is a eternally continuous drama and till the time he gets enlightened he lives life as a normal human being. Trying, mistaking and learning continuously till one gets enlightened.

Sufi’s call their beloved, God is their female lover, become Suhagin on the day of their enlightenment by finding her true Lover, as husband.

That is why Umar Khayyam has written so much about vine because intoxication of the Lover and the vine is very similar. Just that due to vine will end and due to Love of God it never ends.

Enlightenment transforms a person’s vision towards himself, life and towards others . He knows that he is doing his role only during his each and every act. Being an actor in real life and not taking seriously to whatever happens to him. He is not doing any sin, if his act is such, because he knows that this is the demand of the scene only. He also knows that a moment in this eternal drama will come when his role will be over and he has to leave the stage.

Performing to his best till he is part of the drama is such a great reward in itself. So a mystic leaves his body as happily as an actor leaves the stage on completion of his role. With a feeling of contentment that each and every part of the role was done to his best, some went wrong etc but he enjoyed it too by learning.