My heart too wish to speak.

My English is very poor but still I write. I write for the seeker. I know that for a real seeker language does not matters much. He/she reads through his/her heart, and I have written from the depth of my heart. So it becomes a heart to heart communication. It happened with me, I interpreted wrongly but that helped me to find my right path!

Still there are people who are real seekers too but their perfection on language is such that any imperfection distracts them from message to language.

For them I suggest to go through these two articles, they together speaks my heart.

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Article of Deepak Chopra begins with an example of Virtual Reality. This is good example. I just wish to add that ‘imagine a role in the game/film, as human being, and enlightenment is like that virtual role becomes the watcher of VR film itself and watching himself/herself!’ The role transcends the game, goes beyond the game, transforms to become a watcher while at the same time taking part in the film/game too.
Now there is no fear in him/her as the reality is seen as real and virtual is being watched and lived too.

Fear arrived in you the day him/her the day ancestor Adam and Eve were thrown out of Kingdom of God (here it is life of the watcher of the VR film in comparison to the life of a role in VR film he is involved with ) and after learning in many births and death cycles the seeds of wisdom have grown enough in you to take a challenge to enter again into the blissful state or ecstatic awareness or the Kingdom of God. The day you get enlightened is the day you enter into the Kingdom of God-said Jesus.

This is the pinnacle of a human being and everyone is going to achieve it. In this life itself or not? Is the question that decides the outcome. All sacrifices seems too less once a person is able to transcend.

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Osho meditation 

My favourite meditation that I am practicing last 35 years is Awareness/Mindfulness Meditation during brushing my teeth. Earlier it was a robotic act and I used to think about past or future act/activity/instances etc.
By being totally aware during brushing feeling it’s abrasion on every tooth, coupled with sensation of paste etc all thoughts slowly got dissolved and only present moment remained. Miraculous it is, as it engrossed all my activities over the period of time.