Tantra Meditation is collective effort of meditation.

Indian mystics said that each moment lived in present is like a honey bee collecting honey in its nest (hive). It goes on adding up even after this life it will be with you till whole bunch of stored present moments gets full and the falls upon you to help achieve higher level of consciousness or energy chakra. Then again you need to collect and so on till Nirvana. So the journey is long but the first step is meditation. Lao Tzu said about it ‘A 1000 miles journey begins with first step.’

I would like to share a link of awareness meditation that I learned 32+ years back and applied it during brushing my teeth in the morning. Felt movement of brush on every teeth, it’s abrasion on gums and sensation due to paste etc. Earlier I used to think about past or future activity during all my activities. While brushing thinking about lunch, while taking lunch thinking about last night’s sleep/dream etc and so on. Slowly slowly this got automatically reduced during brushing at least. Then this awareness engrossed all my activities over this period.

Osho suggested that ‘If both partner learn it and practice it at a time during sex then it becomes Tantra Meditation’ (Tibetan origin). May be it will be of some help to anyone. Please do focus on meditation only rest is just not that useful.