Sex is the seed, Love is the flower and Compassion is the fragrance. : Tantra by Osho

First edition of the controversial book of that time (From sex towards superconsciousness -English edition by Osho) with cover designed by Osho himself. I remember that after this cover a set of 8 such artistic sculptures of Khajuraho Temples, MP, India, in plaster of Paris, became famous and people kept them in their drawing room! Credit:
Heart shaped leaves, yellow flowers of friendship. Sex, Love and Compassion is its very subtle fragrance. In Clove plant there are all forms of Love in one. Nature is calling Tantra – Tantra – Tantra.

Reason for writing this article is to convey a message that whatever is your profession, job or work may be, you are on a spiritual journey too while living in a material world. Living in material world, following rules, morals and ethics or religion is needed to survive in a society. For you, your progress in material world is important. God has given you birth as a human being, so for him your progress in spiritual world is important.
Every mystic reached to ultimate destination in a unique way, so it will be for everyone. This uniqueness wrongly applied/implied on body, religion, wealth, location, cast/colour, education, profession, experience/age, lineage etc forms ego of that person just like layers of an onion. Inside there is nothing but the covers stinks whenever another cuts them, destroys or even try to destroy your ego, it can even brings tears!
This is why all these are not needed in spiritual journey.
Whenever a person goes too deeper into material world, a setback let’s him get on tracks of spiritual world. So no setback in material life is actually a setback, but diversion from this world to the world of the beyond or your own forgotten soul. In those moments everyone experiences presence of God in his/her life.
In this article I am describing in detail about experiences of various mystics in different stages of life. So from here anyone can get a clues about where one is standing in spiritual journey as I got clues about where I am standing now on my spiritual journey. To few this similarity may give a feeling that a lot is at store already and all is not lost in spiritual journey at least, and one can begin paying more attention towards it in routine life by deliberately dissolving ego and adopting simple awareness meditation techniques of Osho. I did the same and getting enriched everyday. Osho is right, you may experience your own some day.

One need to understand what is meant by :

Sex, that becomes ‘the seed’

Love, that becomes ‘the flower’, and

Compassion, that becomes ‘the fragrance’, of one’s journey towards knowing the self or consciousness or answer of ‘Who am i?’ and knowing it means ‘entering the kingdom of God’ for Christians or Krishna/Buddha consciousness for Hindus/Buddhists etc etc.

Each word of great masters is worth a lot lot weight behind it. So one’a inability to understand it may result in understanding wrong message.

How you come to know that your Bodily love-Sex, Mental Love-ie Love and Love of soul ie Compassion is true? A mystic Rahim said a couplet in this regard. जे सुलगे ते बुझे नहीं, बुझे ते सुलगे नहीं। रहिमन दाहे प्रेम के, बुझी बुझी के सुलगाहिं means ‘When anything catches fire it burns, once it is completely burned it cannot catch fire again, but those who are burning in true love of God they again and again catches fire after forgetting God by getting involved in the world ie cooling down.’

So true lover fights for this reason and then again unite.

Sex is lowest form of Love, it is passion or love limited to the body. Still it has a glimpse of beyond body experience at orgasm. If both persons engage with totality and to give other the best one can give using whole body arousal then either both will reach to their orgasm together or it may last upto 20+ minutes or both can happen simultaneously. Then one can, for first time, enter into experience of beyond body or being. For a moment mind and body vanishes and pure bliss remains. Mind of both partners reaches to no-mind state, and no-ego state -for each other they have dissolved bodily ego, being naked.
In bodily love this beyond body experience is deep but lasts for very small duration. This is Tantra developed by Tilopa, Milarepa etc in Tibet
Experiences like an ‘Aha’ moment while praying or trying to understand a writer’s point of view or while researching falling upon conclusion about something etc are part of spiritual journey too but not Tantra journey. If such or similar type experiencing is not experienced by a person in whole life even once, then passion, greed etc overpowers to make life a hell..

It is called seed because only with this total orgasm experience begins the journey of Tantra meditation towards enlightenment, which is best way for liberation in today’s time as per Osho.

Next level of Love is of Love of mind. That is described here too as love but I call it friendship. When a person finds himself or herself at peace in presence of another person or at a place like temple/Church etc. Then that person gets experience of beyond, a subtle peace of mind. The person forgets himself/herself totally in that moment. It is called flower of the journey because it lasts for much longer duration to embrace its beauty but experience is not that much deeper or energetic. It takes one deeper into his/her heart.
Here if attachment or possessiveness overpowers then it may become a prison. This is why Osho preferred that both partners need to give full freedom to each other. In many cases these experiences may require different partners.

This level of Love is love of souls. Here both souls gets dissolved to become one, the cosmic soul itself for a moment. Only soul remains and cosmic soul or God is ‘seen’ by both in that moment. Gurdjief gave it name ‘Synchronicity’. Osho experienced it at the age of 9 yrs with Shabhu Babu Dubey-as per Swarnim bachpan, his book. Here still the need of the other is there so one need to take one more step.
Many mystics described their experience as happened when they are watching an object and not any person’s eyes. Buddha got this experience on seeing the morning star. Lao Tzu got its by watching falling of a leaf from tree. In such cases they cannot be said as trading path of Tantra journey. So after this stage all journeys gets merged it seems.

This experience brings one beyond passion and attachment into compassion. After this experience one is able to experience ‘the beyond’ without any other’s help. One is able to ‘see’ his/her self or soul or consciousness or existence or emptiness for first time. Osho called it synchronicity between person’s soul and God or cosmic soul. The experience is subtlest but lasts initially for 1 year to 1.5 years!
Now no one can take it away from you, not even your body’s death. Osho says that experience of ‘seeing’ the soul made Mansoor declare ‘I am the truth’ – actually the one who is seeing too is dissolved into it so there is no one who is seeing. It happens on its own itself or effortlessly it happens. It is called as Wu-Wei-Wu in China/Taoism or ‘Satori’ in Japanese Zen. It spreads in your whole body immediately and you are no more the same person. Now onwards everyone or everything that comes in contact with you gets benefitted by it automatically and even you cannot stop it – just like fragrance of a flower. Whole existence will get benefitted by it.

Unless and until one has experienced all these forms of Love, Satori’s experience is not said to be real but mind’s trick only. You fall in first Satori and with that your old vanishes and new is born. After that Satori keeps happening at intervals and then it happens daily.

Meera says : पायो जी मैंने ‘नाम’ रतन धन पायो। खर्चे ख़ुटे नहीं, चोर लूटे नहीं। दिन दिन बढ़त सवायो॥
Means: The day I got the word of ‘Omkar’ sounding in me on its own, after that Satori my understanding or learning is growing everyday. It is such a wealth that even no one can steal it from me and if I distributes it to people it increases 1.25 times of previous day’s or 25% each day more than the previous day. It will go on increasing at this rate and never cease till death. This is merging with Brahma-means infinite and increasing or evolving- at the end of life in a very natural way because nothing is lost on death as it is already achieved!

Then there is still another step called as ‘the fourth’ or ‘turiya’ or ‘surati’. Here one attains a state of effortless compassion 24×7 and sound of Omkar starts ringing itself into body for 24×7. This is when synchronicity between God and your soul happens. Earlier the initiation was from your side. Here the God initiates to meet your soul. It may start on its own when you are sleeping! Your efforts are accepted and it is like the agreement between both is got signed by both parties. This is why Nanak stressed too much on this experience of ‘anhad naad’ or ‘Nadari’ as per Japuji.

Nanak says : जे तिसु नदरी ना आवई, ते बात ना पूछे के। Means: You may have achieved fame of this whole world and collected great wealth but God will first ask you about experience of ‘Anhad naad’ ie nadri. If your answer is in negation he will call another person to ask the same question. So to let God know about your achievements first get this experience of ‘Nadari’ or anhad naad.

A chance to understand and imbibe Tantra in life, what better to learn from Osho’s disciples!