Osho was first Reincarnation of Jesus, like Krishna is of lord Vishnu.

The day I became unofficial self proclaimed Osho sannyasin. In invisible presence of Osho himself from trees of its Pune campus.

This is from my intuition and it may not resemble with truth.

With hope that by now USA have learned a lesson from such mistake. I am proud of this nation on its learning and sharing attitude without prejudices. Jesus lived for many years after his crucifixion as Joshua, in Kashmir at Pahalgam.

To me Osho was reincarnation of Jesus: As per saint before getting caught Jesus John’s gospel- Jesus tried his best to teach ‘Meditation’ to his disciples. He said ‘Sit’ to his disciples and then went on to reconnect with God to give his disciple sudden surge of energy but when he came back he found them sleeping. Two times again he tried but in vain.
Ref: Come follow to me, Osho on Jesus of Nazareth, Vol 4.

Then he was caught and before morning all disciples of Jesus abandoned him.
Then Jesus resurrected before his disciples to show them that he is divine.
Osho too was caught by USA on false charges (as per Osho) and was just about to be killed (as per Osho) had he not accepted the suggestions of his disciples sitting outside and trying their best to free him.
So through Osho, Jesus tested maturity of his disciples again. Last time they abandoned Jesus but this time they were ready to die with him.
Then Osho gave his special talk to his disciples called ‘Osho Upanishad’ at Portugal. Through Osho, Jesus again tried to make aware his followers all around the world about techniques of meditation and certain guidelines for teaching it or training.

Then again Jesus tested his followers through Osho, when Osho went into unconscious state due to effect of poison for three weeks. Again his disciples gave their best to take Osho out of effect of such deadly poison.
Again Jesus gave his most trusted followers -after 2000 years- through Osho message of living Zen life for their spiritual progress.

He took body form again to complete the remaining task that was left incomplete due to acceptance ‘Thy shall be done’.

These disciples have missed Jesus already but their fault was to abandon him within 7 hours! So this time for seven weeks he tested their trust and their Love became too strong. Last time even they doubted on Jesus, so this time they proved themselves. Rest is history. Simple.

His strong words on democracy or democratic government remind people of what to do and what not to do for a good governance. Soon a big clash of world’s Communist nations and Democratic nations will held and with win of Democratic ideology – only after people’s active involvement, like seven weeks of Osho, to show their trust in this system of governance- it could be established in India at least.

Hats off to all those disciples. Whatever happened was just to make believe younger generation due to this similar happenings.

USA was not blamed but Osho gave message to future generations that it was a God’s plan neither Jews were wrong nor Ronald Reagan was wrong. They did what their part was in this grand existential drama.

So please read with this mindset, and you will realise that our life is really very short when God planes two consecutive events with gap of 2000 years!

The existential drama, where Ronald played role of Pontius Pilate, a Greek governor.
All were now part of a dream but left a lesson for us to learn.

Jesus visited the Village where Osho was born, Osho talked about it in his book ‘Glimpses of Golden Childhood’.