We are holographic projections – part 2

credit :IICD, Jaipur from FB post

Our ego is formed out of deformations in an infinite and eternal wave called Consciousness or Tao or God. The heart has the point from where this deformation begins. All our qualities are actually due to the wave called God. Whatever we do, actually the God is doing through us. He has programmed, or set defaults, the deformation to get certain jobs done through you. There is one bug in programming of human beings, and due to that one can change the defaults and ‘see’ beyond to have a look at the Godly wave itself. First of all it requires need of another one to have that glimpse, then one day it happens on its own. That is called enlightenment. Then one starts seeing God in everything. Then this realisation comes for ever that the Godliness in everyone is acting to get this ‘existential drama’ run continuously like ‘the show must go on’.

Purity of heart is very important aspect in that sense. Meditation is the only way to penetrate to the deepest core ‘Gufa’ of the heart to cancel out the deformations for a moment and then it remains set forever as new default. 

A person dying with this undeformed wave never enters the birth and death cycle again. Kabir Said ‘ज्यूँ की त्यूँ धरदिनी चादरिया’ ie the weaves of warp and weft is again set as it was given when the Cosmos was created by the God -by setting or correcting the deformations. So in a sense we all are puppets and provided deformations reset done in this life then we are ‘the puppeteer’ too. The worldly desires we carry with us makes us vulnerable to remain a puppet in our whole life, for many lives earlier. I sometimes think that I may be the person who spitted on the Buddha. But the effect of that strong repulsion led me in his company for few moments and lo, after just 2,500 years I am here.
A famous Sufi fakir said that

‘के बुलंद होके भी आदमी, अपनी ख़्वाहिशों का ग़ुलाम है।’

means every person here is a reflection of God himself, Godliness is his/her not only birthright but actually he/she is the one only, but the worldly desires make it impossible to reach to the core of one’s heart to be able to regain the lost empire that one lived/ruled in one’s childhood.

Here is an example available on YouTube that demonstrate that demonstrate that if you cut a hologram into pieces than whole will remain even after the whole is removed from its place.