India at crossing point.

A person needs to change with time.

In nature everything is changing. It is said that only thing that is constant in this material world is change. The eternity or truth is present in the material world in the form of change, I can conclude. 

New government has changed whole perspective of governance in India. Now it is just facilitator of the private sector and growth of private sector will be treated as growth of the nation as a whole. How much we are prepared mentality wise, is the only question that remains. 

When India became free our level of education, health and even food is so low that imposing democratic government on them was a big risk the then leaders of Congress taken. They took all sections of society including Muslims into confidence because people outside of India were sceptic of its people’s mentality basis casteist Hindu society in majority existed. 

People of all sections of society have put in their best to Bring a great revolution in last 75 years. 

Now this government has begun with imposing same casteist mentality on all people and we have seen unprecedented level set as new benchmarks in all those categories. 

Now the function of government as facilitator is actually being treated as all sections of the society including Muslims have to work for the growth of upper sections of society and their growth is treated as growth of India. 

Innovation is the key to this growth and now every section including Muslims has to provide innovative ideas for growth of upper section of society for its growth as a duty or succumb to hardship as labour. 

Even after giving innovative idea it is not sure that one will be treated equally by the upper section of society. Nor even farmers can appeal in court for any injustice to them by upper sections or Private companies. 

It is possible? Yes, if we start believing it as our fate. As our forefathers did for every foreign invaders in last 2500 years. 

No, then the rebellious spirit will rise to the occasion and fight for rest of the people from lower sections of society including Muslims. 

Congress can provide the much needed platform for it to happen. 

Now success of Congress depends upon all those rebellious spirited joining together. 

Congress may continue the facilitator role but may not restrict it to upper section but may make it open for all. Those who are talented and courageous enough to begin a start up, irrespective of cast and religion as happened in past in government jobs, will get support of government and become part of the growth of the nation. 

India is pasting through a very crucial phase. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel said ‘India is never dry of spirited persons whenever time needed them, and this is the reason for its growth.’ (Words may be different but gist of them is similar to it)

Those enlightened souls who left their body willingly like Osho, in recent times. Like Kabir, Nanak etc they are eternal and they keep guiding right living person’s souls to stand up to the occasion and have courage to change the course of the country in right direction.


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