What is awareness or mindfulness?

To observe means to consciously try to watch yourself in every act, by dividing an act into many acts. Remain present in the act totally, Instead of performing it mechanically or like a robot, while busy thinking about other acts or events or people.

When you are watching a rose, then you are aware of the rose, it’s beauty and fragrance etc. So there is nothing to achieve to become aware. Awareness is our nature. 

If you have played any Virtual Reality game, then you become the hero player of it. The game is equally vast as the world around us. And we have to play in a limited jurisdiction initially with limited tools etc. The difference is only that before playing the game you know the answer of most prominent question ‘Who am I?’. And in life you are born and brought up in this Virtual Reality game called life. It is possible because the game- called life- is designed, produced and directed by the God himself! While eternity is available to him and everyone who comes to know the answer of this question ‘Who am I?’ In this game becomes a watcher of the game. The mystery is that being born and brought up in the game we start defining ourselves as per our role! But the REALITY is something different and one may start trying to understand life, world etc etc but the secret of solving this mystery lies in getting the answer of question ‘Who am I?’ while being born and brought up in a Virtual Game, one has to transcend beyond it to make it possible. Meditation is the key to make it happen. And whole existence gets unfolded immediately-said Mystics all around the world.

If you have played any Virtual Reality game, then you become the hero player of it. The game is equally wast as the world around us. And we have to play in a limited jurisdiction initially with limited tools etc. 

Now I wish to raise an important question in your mind. 

Now there is a situation in which the VR hero player ie you, is watching beauty of a rose. This is objective awareness. 

Now in game the hero player is watching the rose and its beauty but in REALITY there is no rose, no hero player and no game. This is subjective awareness. You know that you are in a VR game, you are aware of ‘your awareness’ towards rose. 

It is like by birth you are wearing a VR headset and never got opportunity to remove it and the game is such that it is providing you everything you need, material as well as psychological. Meditation helps you to come out of it for a moment to know the REALITY, this coming out of the game for first time is called SATORI. But our ego does not let it make a permanent event, do again you are in the game but now “you know who you are”. That makes all the difference in life after it, so it is a Rebirth says Indian Mystics.
God is so merciful on us that by birth we are not wearing that VR headset, in childhood we have lived this life knowing who we are. Otherwise when you come out of the VR game, how you recognise it that this is your REALITY! The previous experience is needed to recognise it, and it is like ‘it was near me, how I lost it for so many years!’. You have experienced a glimpse of ‘The kingdom of God’ and Jesus says that those who are ‘like child’ can only enter the Kingdom of God. So it is proved that this VR is a embedded system within us, and it gets activated as soon as ego and senses takes over the control of our body after secretion of harmonies from glands.

Actually this is the case in real life too, but for that to become your own experience or your REALITY you have to begin with removing all the conditioning done by society, religion, nation etc and erase all educational qualification’s achievements. In the beginning at least for the time being during meditation practice. As you progress in your inward journey, they will drop themselves seeing the futility of all these things in inner journey. They served their purpose to provide you bread and butter and made you able to live a respected social and family life. 

Just like in satellite launch vehicle during the flight the stage of rocket that served its purpose is removed from it to make the journey lighter and higher. Same is true in inner journey too, you have to get rid of all burdens of outer world to make smooth progress inward. 

The REALITY contains both negative and positive in it. Yin and Yang are parts of it. So this is negative part of diving deep into the awareness or subjective awareness or to be aware of the awareness that is our nature. 

The positive part is to practice meditation. I have practiced a very simple meditation and able to achieve the ultimate awareness for a moment. And that is enough to know the REALITY as it is. Then there is no way you can loose it or anyone can steal it from you. It increases day be day, more by sharing with others. That is why Buddha, Osho, Lao Tzu and Jesus, Zharathustra, Ramana, Mohammad  kept sharing till death. 

One thing a person must note before practicing meditation is that you have not to think about achieving it. It is not a goal. It is your nature. Thinking and awareness are two sides of a coin. The moment you achieve awareness, the mind disappears. So mind will try a lot of tactics to distract you from your path. One is by making it a goal.

Think that you are playing this VR Game just for the sake of playing or enjoyment or as celebration of your small success in material world. So you have already achieved something, the human life on this planet is enough achievement! Isn’t it?

Human life is a full circle. From REALITY you are born and you have to ultimately fall into it. From birth the steps you have taken to go away from it are again needed to be passed, now getting rid of them, and you will reach the beginning or the infinite or Tao or Soul or Consciousness. We remember our childhood because that time we lived in REALITY fully aware of our awareness.

A book that Osho recommended for every home is :

A book that is a must for every home is The Book Of Mirdad. Available at Amazon Kindle store.

Link to the meditation I practiced :

Osho meditation 

My favourite meditation that I am practicing last 35 years is Awareness/Mindfulness Meditation during brushing my teeth. Earlier it was a robotic act and I used to think about past or future act/activity/instances etc. By being totally aware during brushing feeling it’s abrasion on every tooth, coupled with sensation of paste etc all thoughts slowly got dissolved and only present moment remained. Miraculous it is, as it engrossed all my activities over the period of time.

Osho about Buddha’s awareness while answering question in Kathmandu.

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