Who is Ram? And how Ram is with farmers of India.

Now this became most prominent question at this prominent junction where India is standing today.

Our Epic stories like Ramayan and Mahabharat are in a sense situations created by ancient Mystics so that most basic spiritual messages be imbibed in the life of even an illiterate and poorest person ie the farmer. 

These have been incorporated with references to places and their uniqueness to look like real. Because then only people will keep transferring for generations and no major change can be incorporated in them with time. 

Also there is a parallel stream of mystery schools (Gurukul) where people were given practical experiences to be able to transcend this material world. These enlightened people were given responsibility to impart basics of meditation etc using these epic stories to sincere disciples who are engaged in day to day family life at different places. For all other people they will be given story type description with ‘hints’ to the one who may have joined the crowed but searching for clues to inner journey. I had similar experiences in my initial phase of spiritual journey.

So for a sincere seeker the meaning of Ram is different than it is for general public at large. 

Ram is Soul of the person or seeker here. Rawan is the senses with ten heads. Only when a person is able to take breath from naval part he ‘becomes’ free automatically from desires of these senses ie death of Rawan in body. This is the meaning of death of Rawan when an arrow is shot at naval by Ram. Till then if anyone try to control senses then his whole effort will go in vain because when one head is cut, another pops up immediately. So one has to attack at navel by breathing from there as suggested by Osho in his dynamic meditation. Then only person can get enlightened. When a soul ‘Aatma’, or Ram in human body here, has won the war then it merges with ‘parmatma’ God. So to celebrate enlightenment of soul as major event of one’s life, the festival of Deepawali is planned/chalked out. So in a sense that darkest night has something special for enlightenment of soul. Buddha said ‘App deepo bhawan’ means be the light into yourself. To mark this occasion as Deepawali celebration. 

Now for general public Ram is the one with bow and arrow, constructing his temple is major event in the history of India. So the upper class or upper section of society ‘feels’ that Ram is with them and they will be able to drive people in his name towards a new thought that growth of upper section of society, if I further filter it out then growth of Gujarat. If I dare to further filter out then growth of Ambani and Adani be treated as growth of India. Ram is with them in the propagation of this thought.

Another view is that ‘नहीं राम बिन ठाँव’ said a Mystic means there is no place where God is not present. Japanese even treat God/Soul in anything assembled by joining more than one pieces like Mobile, umbrella etc. In this sense Ram is with the farmer or major part of people lower section of society of India.

Only after the decision in coming years New India will be able to celebrate a new Deepawali that will pave the way for future generation of people of India. Not only this prediction can be made that the science will enter a new era where meditativeness will become an important aspect of becoming a scientist. The farmers contribution will let scientists imbibe harmony with the nature into their syllabus.

Either people will willingly adopt meditation in their routine life or the harder situations of future will force them to pray God for the mercy and hence become meditative. God will decide in favour of meditativeness of people at large for sure.

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