Gyan marg or Bhakti marg?

There are two basic ways to reach Godliness within.

There are two basic ways to reach Godliness within. Bhakti marg stresses bhajan/jap and all effort is to get it done automatically 24X7. It culminates into drowning in awareness ie ‘Darshan’ of Virat Swaroop of God. 

Another way is through Gyan Marg(Meditation). In this awareness is tried to achieve first and its experience is like getting dissolved into the infinite existence and Darshan of self/soul/consciousness. Then jap/bhajan follows to remain aware 24X7 automatically. Ultimate nirvaan is then can be defined as a state of 24×7 awareness without any effort. Then a sound of ‘Anhad naad’ starts humming inside and it remains 24×7 without outside effort.

Mystic Platudas said ‘घर हमारा शून्य मैं, अनहद में विश्राम’ 

The infinite space around us becomes our home and to take rest I start listening to the sound of omkaar within. 

Osho stressed on achieving awareness first as it can be experienced at climax of sex. Just a little awareness practice everyday during any of daily chores is needed to be practiced and that same awareness applied during sex by one or both partner. This leads one to experiment ‘Tantra Meditation’ in his life. ‘Tantra meditation’ is just an application of awareness meditation during sex. Since it gives a glimpse of the ecstatic experience  that happens after enlightenment and one may have 24×7 without indulging in sex at all! 

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