Personal experience of Sabeej Samadhi or Satori.

It was in 1995 when I was posted in Ahmedabad, India. I had talked with my Fiancé the day before and next day it happened. I fell unconscious after some strange activities and an enlightened master Mr Dave was called to bring me into conscious state. What I can remember is that I was offered a glass of water after gently lifting my head with his hands. 

I was wearing a flower Garland and I was wearing only shorts. He told me that I was murmuring name of Kali during that phase. So he advised me to recite a mantra of Chamunda Devi and visit Chamunda temple every Friday. There was one famous Chamunda temple at Lal Darwaja area near his home. I visited his home too, but only twice. 

I left Ahmedabad and came to my home town, however he tried his best in all possible manner to get me settled there. He even arranged 1BHK flat in just ₹50K as initial deposit in Satellite area for me due to his connection with the prominent architect of the city. My parents were determined to bring me back so they declined the offer. He used to come to meet me after I shifted to my home town Indore. I am blessed to have his blessings even till today to guide me in my spiritual journey. 

Recently when I fell into Nirbeej-Satori experience in July 2017, I realised that it was Sabeej-Satori if not Samadhi per se. 

So I wish to elaborate the difference between the two from my own experience.

There are two types of human transformation from human being to being human. 

As per Patanjali one is Sabeej-Samadhi ie the sudden transformation happened on its own and the human being remains same after experiencing it. Like a seed starts growing into a tree only when the seed stops being a seed and sacrifices itself to become a tree. So in ‘sabeej-samadhi’ the person suddenly falls into samadhi automatically, but the seed still remains a seed but just experiences the tree in dreamlike state. So the person remains same and fear of death, desires etc continue to govern his action.

Another time I experienced it on 7th August, 2011. That time I was conscious but during that period of experience I could not understand what it is, only at 19.00hrs IST I could recall that whole day I have not taken food or even water while I was attending first ever reunion of our college. So this time I was conscious but did not know when I was experiencing it. Yes, I was feeling very light and whole day I was reiterating in my mind that some enlightened saint had lived here at this hill in ancient time where our college later setup.
Third time it was in 2014 when I was conscious and experienced it in a flash and I was aware that I am experiencing it too.
In all these experiences I remained same person. However with quick experiences happening I devoted myself full time towards inner journey. That became basis for my seedless-samadhi or nirbheej-samadhi or Satori.