Satori is the beginning of new life after rebirth.

Credit:Google by searching gestalt

If a person sets goal to get enlightened only, then his journey will come to end the moment he get experience of Satori or Philosia.

That is also one of the reason to not to set goal in inner world’s journey like we used to do in material world.

There are plenty of treasures made available to you that no one can imagine before. 

Initially one starts getting new insights at big intervals. That is the reason I started sharing my experiences on Word Press, after initial few such experiences.

Then it’s interval reduces and one shifts into a different realm slowly. 

Major difference that comes is that the person starts looking at God first and then the object/person becomes visible to him. Actually he looks at body of himself in third person.

This is called as change in Gestalt by Osho. Few such pictures I am posting here so that one can understand it better. 

If you look at the pictures having gestalt in them then there are actually two pictures embedded in one in such a way that at a time only one of them is visible to you. 

This is how this world actually is, after Satori the gestalt changes and what was not visible before, ie God in everyone, every time and in everything is now visible loudly and the world disappears from the sight. Then in such situation Sankara said ‘The world is illusion’ it means it remains but in the changed gestalt it disappears from sight. 

Credit:Google by searching gestalt

Your body too becomes part of the changed gestalt and that is called by Osho as ‘I teach death’. In changed gestalt even the god in you is visible but the body disappears from sight initially. If needed later it can surfaces to deal with the world through it. This is the reason Osho used to say ‘I exist not.’ Or ‘I am a mirror reflecting whatever comes in front of me’ because then nothing affects or leaves its print/image in him. 

It is an infinite journey every day one explores new area of life and everyday one learns new things like a child. There is no master and no disciple but everything is happening on its own. 

This is what is the meaning of living in ‘Ram Rajya’ or entering the Kingdom of God-said Jesus. This is the reason that the person does not get affected by pain or pleasure, profit or loss happening in this world to him, or causing hurt to him. Internally he is living in a totally different world like mad people lives, but at higher level of consciousness while mad person lives below normal person’s level of consciousness.

In any stage play the artist chooses to become an actor and then he lives the role during the play like real, but inside he knew very well ‘Who he is?’. So before entering the play he knows the answer of prominent question ‘Who am I?’.
In life we all are just born and brought up on the stage itself. So as per our choice we adopt the roles we like to play but we do not know the answer of prominent question ‘Who am I?’ and most people assume their role as their inner identity. That causes all the pain, curse and sadness etc. In life it is our responsibility to find the answer of the question ‘Who am I?’ and then only it can be clear that in material life we are playing a role. We know the REALITY of the person who is playing the role. The person in REALITY is living a life in the Kingdom of God or Ram Rajya and when needed performs his role and again go back to his own inner world.
In absence of our own inner world we are forced to live the role as real life. However it seems that what we are doing is work of our choice but the soul knows well the REALITY also. That is the reason for never ending inner yearning for more. But even the whole world’s wealth or power is not able to quench a little thirst of inner world in us.

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