Nirbeej-Satori ie Seedless Satori means what?

Please listen to the bhajan of Hariom Sharan given below:

Hariom Sharan YouTube channel

Or Listen to the song: Nirgun Rangi Chadariya at on Wynk Music

Listen to the song Nirgun Rangi Chadariya at httpswynk.inuG8AeYlsbL….jpeg

Satori happens only in case of gyan-marg ie the way through meditation to reach to the utmost potential of human being. 

Satori is first glimpse of the ‘Nirgun rangi chadariya’ and glimpse means for a moment you are able to wear it, but the experience is like death so due to ego person hastily leaves it. The moment he realises what he has got in that moment, all sacrifices till date becomes minuscule or nano sized.

Loss due to ego is first time realised by the person. 

Now the fight between ego and experience of satori begins. Tsunamis of ego wash out gain due to practice of meditation in a moment. 

The moment may come when the whole ocean will get dried and then only whatever gain will remain forever. This is called aa ‘Nirgun rangi chadariya re koi odhe sant sujan’. Only the one who is able to understand minutest of ego in his acts, can only understand it and its accurate understanding is its drying. 

Whether it is first glimpse of its wearing forever, without the grace of Osho, it is not possible.

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