There is no other ie REALITY is same for all.

Ramana Maharshi said ‘There is no other.’ In reply to a question a as disciple asked ‘How to behave with others?’

Ramana Maharshi is right in answering the question but to realise that it is the right answer one has to embark upon the journey inside.

All enlightened masters create situations so that the other or the disciple take it as a challenge and try to understand by himself.

All that is mysterious can be known by own experience only, it cannot be taught. Is there is another who is teaching you something then you cannot strike upon the mystery where there is no other.

Unless and until you know your own reality, you cannot understand the other. All the efforts of trying to know more and more about the other. All the efforts of trying to learn to tackle the other. All such futile efforts are result of mind in action.
Reality is experienced in no-mind state.

Living in mind is called as sheep mentality by the enlightened masters because it is easy escape from the pain of knowing the reality of self. Since most people are engaged in it, so to a mediocre mind it seems logical and correct way of living human life.

Human life’s treasure is in living the life that is beyond the capacity of all other creatures.

Jesus brought back the sheep in his hands that left others and tried to find reality of itself through own experience. When most persons could not dared to leave the heard, a sheep could dared to leave the heard, so Jesus took it back in his arms.

So as a human being if one is just living in heard mentality by regurgitating what religion, society, education taught as one’s own knowledge about ‘self’ then that person cannot be hold in God’s arms. Only the one who dares to explore inner REALITY from one’s own experience could be.

Gravitation is the force we experience that pulls us towards the Earth or earthly material world. Each force is having its equal and opposite in this world.
Grace is the force that makes it possible for dust to become an Apple and rise up the tree so that Newton could discover the force of Gravity.

Jesus discovered first the Grace then only for Newton it was possible to discover the gravity.

So all that is good in you or done good by you is due to his grace. It is there always, just one has to become its receptor or channel so that it can flow through you effortlessly.

The one who knows the answer of most prominent question in human life ‘Who am I?’ becomes the Channel for his grace.

In a drama/film/movie, that we watch, an actor knows his/her reality first then learns the role to be played and then play his/her role in that drama. So while playing the role, in a subtle way the actor knows his/her reality too.

Life is eternal drama and we take birth in it, so we start playing our role without knowing our reality and assume that it is our reality also.
But Jesus said that it is not your reality but only your role in the drama. The challenge is that by being born and raised in the drama, you need to come out of it to know your reality but actually otherwise it is. The moment you come to know your reality, you are out of drama. Immediately the God’s grace start flowing through you to help others.

Kabir says it in a different way. He says that if you look at the fish in a pond, the water becomes invisible. The moment you start looking at water the fish becomes invisible. So if we do not know our own reality then the other becomes prominent. If we know our own reality there is no other! Simple.
So in a way the answer was given to compelled the disciple to embark upon the journey of knowing own reality. A situation was created for it.

So only the one who has discovered the REALITY, or a spiritually awakened person can say about oneness. That person is experiencing it at the blink of his eyes.

The reverse is not true that if anyone is talking about oneness of all on this planet then he/she must have seen or discovered the REALITY.

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