Ramadan Mubarak 🌺

Waiting for the time which drags us closer to our Almighty Lord we are ready to bow down for long hours in long prayers before the Almighty! …

Ramadan Mubarak 🌺

Credit: https://sabaniazsiddique.home.blog

Above is my reply to the post. The purpose of sharing it here is that when we leave our ego and become small in front of the other, and only desire left is to feel Allah/God. Then immediately he made himself available through the person in front of us or near to us.

Our attitude is more important in seeking his blessings. We are small, our hands are small and whatever is our reach we are trying to reach you but only he can make himself available basis our yearning to seek him till the last breath. This yearning makes all the difference in that lady’s life, she was able to feel a soft touch of Allah. The yearning knows not the religion is also proved because Osho went to see her last time. And he did the job that no other could do till that time.

I have written a post on Synchronicity link : https://philosia.in/2021/04/13/synchronicity/

I have written a post on being born in Eastern region, in Hindi, link : https://wp.me/p9MUGM-l5

What message I wish to give through this post is that Osho avoided all his life to comment on Quran. People took it otherwise but actually what he meant was that the word of God/Allah himself flown through Prophet Mohammad, during Synchronicity with God, how he can comment on them. Enlightenment is Synchronicity between a person and God himself.

The message is that most basic yearning inside the heart of the people of this region is to get a glimpse/touch/smell/listen his voice or get a taste of him. Irrespective of religion one is following, they all have this peculiar quality that makes them best representatives of that religion all over the world. They may be lower in hierarchical arrangement of society at international level but regarding spiritual yearning they are the best people of that religion in the world.

Vice versa is also true. If a person has strong yearning to seek God or Godliness irrespective of religion or country, then he/she actually belongs to this Eastern region or part of the Earth and soon may land here in this life or take birth here in next life.

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