Blessings of Mother Nature.

Totapari Mango tree, leaves comes out like a flower. It defies all laws of nature. So it is called King of fruits.

It was emptiness in the beginning. From emptiness the whole material world evolved and keep evolving every moment. The universe is a dance of the creator, Indians represented it as ‘Nataraja’, and all creative persons worship this idol. The creator is present in his creation, just like the dancer in her dance. Now the nature is dancer here. By nature I mean everything visible. The nature is so attractive that the dancer gets distracted due to her illusions. So initially the nature lets one caught in her trap. Then teaches lessons of wisdom by combination of pain and pleasure, happiness and sorrow etc. The one who is able to get caught in it, and realising the mistake comes out of it too ‘every time’ was then rewarded by her to let ‘fall’ into enlightenment too. So the dance first caught hold on you, and once this realisation comes about coming out of it. And provided enough dedicated efforts are done sincerely to come out of it ‘at any cost’ then the Mother Nature blesses you by leering go out of the her dance too. Then only the dancer  remains as watcher of the dance, now he/she is filled with gratitude towards Mother Nature for gracing her blessings. 

This is the reason Osho called every female sannyasin as ‘Maa’, it shows the gratitude towards the dance of Mother Nature that graced him enlightenment. It is just like a child is born, the mother takes every care of her child in womb but readily accepts highest degree of pain to let her child free from her womb too.

This is why human body of seeker passes through great turmoil -physical, mental, psychological before re-birth. But the result is always ecstatic

So the enlightenment is  called ‘re-birth’ too. The one who has really born twice will never see the Mother Nature other than ‘Maa’. 

  • In Hindu texts too this type of situation is mentioned when lord Hanuman cunningly enters the mouth of Sursa making his body nano-sized and comes out passing through her stomach. The Sursa was gifted by God to eat anyone flying above the sea, by catching its shadow on water. So she caught Lord Hanuman and now without eating she cannot leave him. Such wisdom is needed to be developed by every spiritual seeker, then only one can not only be freed but blessed by her too. 

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