Techniques are needed.

There are only few people who could attain meditative state by cultivating simple awareness or mindfulness in any one of the activities of daily routine. As I have described through a FB link in my earlier post about meditation.

If one is unable to attain meditative state for a fraction of second even after 2-3 month’s practice then one needs to learn some other techniques that Osho described. There are 112 different Meditation techniques because people are different. It is a trial and error method to arrive at the technique that suits your personality.

Then there are people who have some kind of mental challenges due to improper upbringing or child abuse etc. They need to be healed through suitable healing techniques. Primal therapy etc are developed by Osho to make the path for even those people too.

Osho insisted that meditation must go hand in hand with therapy. Only therapy will not give good result. One must be not only able to meditate but also able to guide others too.

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