Body can jump or enjoy swing, where the rope is tied?

Surrender to a master

This is as per what I  am experiencing now a days. What is happening, it seems, is beyond my capacity and some vibes of enlightened master(s) is/are helping me to get through these days.

The God has gifted you body as a human being.

This body is pulled up – feelings of joy/awe/blissful ness/orgasmic – is experienced when God’s grace is showering upon you. 

The body is pulled down by desires, ego, jealousy etc. 

You are given one rope called intelligence, which you can tie with body and mind both. Or you can give control of your life to other people around you too.

Now if you are jumping like a person jumps using rope in your life then it is because you have tied your intelligence to to your mind and body only. Your ego is too much to let surrender happen to you.

The one who has surrendered himself or herself to an enlightened master, like Osho, is an courageous person because he has enough courage to be able to gamble by surrendering or get his/her intelligence tied with that of an enlightened one.

A swing is used as metaphor by sages to demonstrate state of a disciple after surrendering to an enlightened master. 

The rope of intelligence is not used as a honoured possession but is tied to the branch of tree called an enlightened master like Osho or Buddha or Meera or Kabir or Nanak or Ramana or Jesus etc etc. 

Now one end of rope is tied to the body and another to the mind. 

Benefit of making use of the god given rope of intelligence to tie it with branch of a tree ie master is :

  1. In a swing you can experience moments of awe two times at both ends. 
  2. You are relaxed and instead of jumping you are enjoying the swing.
  3. It depends upon you to feel the moments of bliss or not.
  4. Unless you have done some mistake, you are not going to fall. You can get down anytime and pack up all at your will. 
  5. But the most important difference in a swing and surrender to an enlightened master is that the master is not going to leave you unenlightened!

You may be surprised but it is true because he is for ever available, you may take another and after that even 100 births. But he is not going to leave you- this is the biggest benefit and this is true that without an enlightened master’s help it is not possible to get enlightened. So you may not get any enlightened one in next birth but Osho will keep helping you. Even for next 100 births! This is the reason Buddha and Osho said their last words as ‘sammasati’, you all are Buddha- may be you have decided to deviate from enlightenment and started earning money, power etc but Osho or Buddha is not going to leave you unenlightened for next 1000 births. Rest assured, this is the reason I have posted an article that Jesus reincarnated as Osho to help his disciples in this birth to get enlightened. This is possible without reincarnation too.

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