Role of Nature in a person’s life.

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My English is poor, pronunciation is further ahead of it. Still I write so that you may get a glimpse towards which I am pointing to, like it happens when you ask a stranger in non-English speaking country about something and he or she tries to explain it. If you are thirsty of this knowledge, so you get it too. The consciousness plays an important role in communicating the point at much higher level where we all are connected because I am writing only from my own experiences or understanding.

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In my personal opinion, Ramayan and Mahabharat are epic stories crafted in such a way that they will help a person in all his previous life till his last life as an enlightened person.

There is an incident in it when Hanuman discovered his powers after reminded of them by Jamwant. 

He was given task of getting clue about well being of  Sita, and deliver  a message from Ram. 

On the way to Lanka, while flying over the ocean Sursa caught Hanuman through his shadow. 

Then Hanuman used his wisdom and entered her stomach and came out safely too. After looking at Hanuman in front of him alive, Sursa blessed his victory on the path he is traveling. 

This is a metaphor- the Mother Nature or Maya or Shakti and here Sursa Loves us to get freed from herself! 

Strange but it is true as I have experienced it. We are born out of the unfulfilled desires of our last birth. In this metaphor these desires are represented as the shadow of the person who died without fulfilling them. Mother Nature, like Sursa, caught our desires to give us birth as a human being. The bigger our desires become, the bigger the Sursa expands itself to get it fulfilled and remain unfulfilled too. We are like Hanuman in this metaphor and become fine enough to take birth in the womb of a female to enter this Maya or the mouth of Sursa or Mother Nature.

This way we entered into the mouth of Maya. In all our life females play an important role from giving birth, taking care of neonatal, and raising. Then as friend, wife and in many ways all through the life a person, and is taken care of by females ie Mother Nature’s human form. All materials we use and the food we eat are also provided to us by Mother Nature till the end of life.

But in case a person gets enlightened by his own persistent effort then too, one day Mother Nature let him come out of the stomach of Sursa ie Maya. This happens only when the person being taken care of Mother Nature remains true to his heart and pass each and every test taken by Shakti or Maya.

Credit: Osho

To pass in Maya’s tests Osho’s message is to enjoy life including its desires being fully aware. It means if you are enjoying desires then you must be fully aware during that experience. And to remain fully aware for most of the time, I divided the activity into small parts. Like eating a pastry: I enjoy its look, then remain aware lifting the knife, then cutting it and placing it in my mouth. Then get fully immersed in its taste at every part of the mouth. This way you remain separated from the body.

काजल ही की कोठरी, और काजल ही का कोट।

साबुत Joshuto निकल गया, ओशो की awareness ली ओढ़॥

The world belongs to Sursa(Maya) and the body too belongs to it. Following or practicing Osho’s mantra of awareness that I practiced in everyday life. It acted like a piece of cloth covering me, due to which Joshuto came out of it clean.

Only 100/100 is min passing mark in her exam! If a person passes then she herself lets him free from her Mayajaal. No one ever came out from it due to his own effort. It needs her own blessings to come out too. 

But when Hanuman came out, she blessed him all success in the work for which he is going. 

I take it like this: With her blessings only he could come out, and anyone who is blessed to be freed by Maya herself then no one can stop him from succeeding in any venture afterward.

The epics are like a road constructed in tough terrain so that whether a person is living a material life or spiritual life, he can get hints about the right approach to pass the terrain without much difficulty.

This is why Osho gave more priority to female sannyasins. He has observed that religious spiritual people are too harsh about females due to the path of celibacy. When one cannot get freed from Maya without her blessings, then going against her is going to create more trouble.

Awareness meditation is the way worked for me, may be you too find it suitable otherwise Dynamic meditation is for most of the people. There are 110 other meditation techniques discovered by Indian Mystic Gorakhnath about 500years before and further modified by Osho that one can experiment and the suitable one could be practiced in routine life.

Osho International Online (OIO) provides facility to learn these from your home,

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This is an opportunity for learning and knowing Osho through these sannyasins who lived in his presence and brought to life his words in best possible quality in all formats.

Disciples of Jesus left him alone in last minutes but Osho’s disciples remained with him till he left his body willingly after working, till last day, for all of us to get enlightened. Jesus tried hard till last minute, before being caught, to teach meditation to his disciples. As per Saint John’s Gospel:- Jesus used word ‘Sit’ to transfer his meditative energy to them and went on to pray God, but on returning he found them sleeping. He tried two times again but in vain.

Even today Zen people use word ‘Sit’ for meditation in their saying ‘Sit silently, do nothing, season comes and the grass grows by itself green’. 

Hi ….. I write my comments from my personal experiences of my inner journey. This post may include teachings of Mystics around the world that I found worth following even today. For more about me and to connect with me on social media platforms, have a look at my linktree website for connecting with my social media links, or subscribe my YouTube channel and/or listen to the podcasts etc.


  1. Mayank says:

    Doha by meera focusses on, “Leaving everything to get everything”. Leaving the artificial desires and attraction behind, we can achieve every satisfaction in life. Irony is, we give up things to get everything

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    1. You are right. In this time no one can escape from desires and attractions. This is why Osho stressed upon ‘awareness’ so that you can understand futility of it. By mere accepting that they keep growing and not able to satiate your real thirst, the journey within begins. Just a little awareness meditation helped me in 35 years to get a glimpse of ‘that which is, as it is forever’ and all desires, including sexual desires, vanishes immediately. I found diamonds then the stone I was carrying just fell from my hands because till that time I was carrying them imagining that they are real diamonds. This is natural cessation of desires, it happens, at one end and at another end you find yourself surrendered to God/master. These both happen naturally no one can force them upon himself.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. The practice of ‘awareness meditation’ helped me to remain aware while enjoying desires! This is a great shift from enjoying like an animal before it’s practice. This enjoyment acts like a two sided sword. You know you are enjoying and then you know you are not enjoying -this is birth of a watcher ‘साक्षी’ or ‘दृष्टा’ says Ashtavakra, in you.
      Instead of saying ‘blinking light’ robotically. I started seeing them ‘on’ and ‘off’ with a watcher experiencing both phases equally and responding or enjoying both too by a newborn ‘साक्षी’.

      Liked by 1 person

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