Conditioning, Philosophy and REALITY explained by a photo.

Credit : @i.think.2

My English is poor, pronunciation is further ahead of it. Still I write so that you may get a glimpse towards which I am pointing to, like it happens when you ask a stranger in non-English speaking country about something and he or she tries to explain it. If you are thirsty of this knowledge, so you get it too. The consciousness plays an important role in communicating the point at much higher level where we all are connected because I am writing only from my own experiences or understanding.

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I feel proud today to have opted to follow the ‘Music for Deep Meditation’ page and credit also goes to @i.think.2 for this post.

The world around us is hell and haven both like this picture. One way to live in mind and the world looks like hell. The other way is to look at it with no mind, and you enter the Kingdom of God or “Ramrajya”.

Religious and all other conditionings, Philosophy and REALITY. These all three can be understood through this photo.

In a very simple way, it can be understood as ‘Believing on the message given above this photo and start looking at the picture then it seems to be true to you.’

Philosophy: Trying to decipher REALITY assuming the view of the photo as true. The efforts of previous Philosophers are also taken into consideration to arrive at the conclusion.

REALITY: Reality is what appears to you after reading the message given below the photo. The glimpse of the first right-side-up of an object is coined by Osho as Philosia. First of all, you will come to know your REALITY, then all others start visible as right side up. The act of seeing the first dish right side up or REALITY is called Philosia.

This is why Nachiket’s father Uddalak asked him, on returning home after attaining graduation like education, ‘Have you known the one, after knowing which everything is known?’, and he replied ‘No’. So Uddalak sent back him to his master’s ashram stating that you are welcome at home only after knowing it.

The lines below may be treated as messages of all those Mystics. Without the help of these lines, it is very difficult to find the purpose of this picture.

People started worshipping all these Mystics ie Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Mahavira, Nanak etc is like I start praying @i.think.2’s account holder instead of trying to understand the message by correlating it with its picture given above.

Mystics do not have a fancy of using the internet, Photoshop and social media so they tried to create the picture using words through stories, poems and songs. Verses and songs of Kabir, Meera, Nanak or stories of Jesus and Buddha or Koans of Zen masters or Passages like Lao Tzu or Jokes by Osho.

These all are finger pointing to the moon, one needs to look into the stories with the messages that mystic together to get the clue about REALITY or Truth or God or Kingdom of God or Soul or Self or Consciousness etc. Mystics said that REALITY is the same for all ie we all are playing a role in a grand existential drama going on from eternity to eternity. What our conditioning did is presuming it as real by enhancing our ego and making a fictitious race among us for the fulfilment of our desires. The bigger the fulfilled desires, the bigger is that person treated as. How desires create illusion with the help of mind and what happens when you get rid of them is explained in one of my post on ‘Our ego is just a holographic projection

Philosophy is about looking all these dishes upside down and trying to correlate them to get a clue about the Reality or Purpose of life, without looking at the messages at all. But due respect is given to all writings of previous philosophers!

Your effort to see the one which is right side up, is exactly like meditating upon ‘Who am I?’

And the answer you get about yourself let you understand that all are like you ie God. A sound starts ringing in the ears of the person who experienced Philosia, to keep reminding ‘Who is he/she?’.

इसे ओशो ने कुछ इस तरह कहा है- जिसे अपना यथार्थ दिखाई दे गया, फिर उसे सबका यथार्थ दिखाई दे जाता है।

After enlightenment, only God can be seen in all others and you need to put in little dedicated effort to understand the other as he/she understands himself/herself ie downside up.

This is the reason that the messages of Mystics never reach as it is told because they both are having different view about themselves and others.

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  1. Hi I’m Simon, I’m glad to find your blog, we both think different, I have read your posts and visited your telegram channel and happened to read two more posts. Start promoting your works. Your works are highly intelligent and who knows, if you publish a book, you’ll be a next Philosophic Author ✨ Keep writing, my mind is feeling too good reading your posts 👍👏

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