Trailer of Philosia podcast.

Hey, This is a lifestyle and health podcast. Here you will get podcasts about discovering your own reality or soul.

These are of great help to you If you are a real seeker of reality in your spiritual journey. These podcasts are vetted by experiences from my own journey in discovering my own reality.

Upon reaching the destination of discovering the purpose of life, I found that the path for every individual is unique. The experience of falling into reality is the same for all, as the view from the top of a mountain is the same for all.

This is why the experience of one is of great help for all others irrespective of religion, country and colour.

Awareness or mindfulness meditation helped me a lot in my journey. Each one has to experiment few mediations. The one which gives the best results needs to be practised. So whenever I am saying awareness meditation, you need to replace it with the, one that suits you to get desired results.

Found it worthwhile so as to let you know it’s meaning of Philosia in a musical way.

A song on Philosia at Spotify

2 thoughts on “Trailer of Philosia podcast.

  1. Congratulation.✨🥳 It would be good if you had mentioned the Podcast channel name too 😍. I love podcasts… Make it shorter versions like 10 – 20 mins a day… there are large group of people who loves such podcasts…😀👍 Have a lovely weekend ✨🤗


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