One who walks alone.

My English is poor, pronunciation is further ahead of it. Still I write so that you may get a glimpse towards which I am pointing to, like it happens when you ask a stranger in non-English speaking country about something and he or she tries to explain it. If you are thirsty of this knowledge, so you get it too. The consciousness plays an important role in communicating the point at much higher level where we all are connected because I am writing only from my own experiences or understanding.

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The one who walks alone.
He alone finds truth.

Here this walking alone does not mean that you have to leave the world. 

When I started awareness meditation during brushing because that time no one is there to disturb me- In present the lifestyle  we are living is such that it becomes walking alone living family life! 

Remember the words of Mystics and sages that in Kaliyuga the distraction will be so much that it will not be possible to do tapasya but if anyone becomes capable of embarking on inner journey then reaching the Soul will not take much time. 

Here as per my personal experience I declare that when one Buddha or Kabir or Osho or Jesus or Ramana or Rabindranath type personalities becomes enlightened then at that time there were many in 100’s who too becomes enlightened. And such happens for many 100’s of years but they remain silent. Then one such person like Buddha got enlightened that give new direction to the existing system.

Here today 09/06/2021, I came across this post at FB page of Osho lovers Kerala

Not everyone who has attained possess talent to be able to teach it to others too. It is an altogether different talent to be able to teach disciple how to teach to others!  

These both qualities when get merged in one then he/she becomes Buddha or Osho or Rabia or Kabir like mystic.

It is same like in politics, there are great politicians like Nehru, in India and Abraham Lincoln in USA but at the same time we have seen many such good leaders at local levels too.

So if you are trying to remain alone for few moments then do not think that ‘You are not like Krishna or Buddha or Jesus’. There is a whole lot of people like you who got enlightened too, but they were like flowers having no strong fragrance. 

The enlightened persons remain present at all times on this planet like salt in water. Do not think that you have to shine like Buddha etc. 

Be very selfish in the beginning that you are trying for your betterment only. Have deep trust that if so many people can attain it than you too can at least give it a sincere try. With totality the very quality of your attempt changes. Osho is right that now only people like ‘Zorba’ can become ‘Buddha’ because a lot of experimenting opportunities needed for spiritual growth are available now a days. 

Now from the book “The Great Secret: Talks On The Songs Of Kabir” by Osho

Chapter 4, One Who Walks Alone”

Many married people come to me. 

They say they are caught up, entangled in the institution of marriage. “We don’t know how to get out of it,” they say, “It is a problem for us.” 

And those who are not married tell me they feel it is necessary to experience married life, otherwise they will never know what marriage is like. 

But they do not know how to move into a marriage. 

Young people ask me whether they should get married or not. 

I tell them that no matter what they do they will repent it. Whatsoever you do, this is guaranteed; the intellect always repents. 

Why does this happen? 

This happens because the half that was rejected is waiting for the opportunity to say, “See, I warned you not to do that. You ignored my warning and did the opposite. Now you are repenting. In future, follow my advice.” 

You will continue to repent until you reach a decision in which you are total. 

Until then your life will be nothing more than repentance. 

This totality is only achieved when you become neutral. 

(Kabir says:)

Confused, choosing for and against, the whole world goes astray. Choiceless and celebrating god; 

he is a true sadhu. 

The man who has given up all taking of sides, who has dropped all divisions, and who has merged in love is the only seeker who becomes enlightened. 

This merger can only happen in love, because love has no relation whatsoever to the intellect.


The man who suffers from the intellect sees the whole world in parts, because the intellect itself is divided. 

The heart is undivided. 

The heart is whole, total. 

Inner vision means vision of the heart. 

Who has inner vision, he’s authentic man. 

Kabir says that a man is only authentic when he possesses inner sight. 

Before this happens you are a man in name only. You are a man only because you have the form of a man. 

That is the only qualifying factor. Otherwise, there is no difference between you and the animals. 

The Sanskrit word for animal, pashu, is very interesting. 

It comes from the word pash, meaning one who is tied to something, one who is in bondage. 

The word is very significant. 

Pashu does not just mean animal; 

it also means one who is tied up, one who is in bondage, one who is entangled. 

The person who achieves inner sight becomes a real man for the first time. 

Before that he was an animal. 

Now he is an authentic human being; now his animality, his bondage, is gone. 

Now such a man is under the open sky. Now he is no longer a prisoner; now he is liberated. 

Kabir says:

One who walks alone. 

He alone finds truth. 

This is a very revolutionary sentence. 

Kabir is saying that the crowd has never been able to attain to truth. 

Neither the Hindus as a community nor the Moslems as a community have ever attained to truth. 

Whenever a man attains to truth it is done individually.

Whenever anyone attains – Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, Christ, Kabir – he does it on his own. 

So, walk alone. 

You are still bereft of truth because you have remained part of a community. 

It is difficult for a man to remain alone; the crowd seems to be a great help. But because of the crowd you become involved in thousands of stupid things. 

(Here doing our job in hand like a robot is like you are following the crowd or community. And practising awareness during brushing was way to my walk alone by remaining in the physical crowd.) 

You do them just because it is convenient; you think because so many people are doing them they must be right.

You are like donkeys tied together. (…in earlier chapter Osho informed it that there is no need to tie two donkeys to a peg, just tie them together and they will never run away. One keep pulling other and the other to this one.) 

The crowd acts logically, rationally, but even if the whole world accepts a lie it is still not the truth. 

Only three hundred years ago the whole crowd believed the sun revolved around the earth. This is not true, but this is what people believed for thousands of years. When Galileo declared that the earth revolved around the sun, no one believed him. 

He was considered mad, insane. People said, “It is written in all the scriptures that the sun revolves around the earth!” The words sunrise and sunset are found in all languages, and even now, even after Galileo’s discovery, they are still prevalent. 

Three hundred years have passed since Galileo’s death and science has now established that the sun neither rises nor sets, that the earth revolves and that the sun is stationary – but the words sunrise and sunset are still in use and will probably remain in use forever. 

When Galileo was very old he was brought to trial in the court of the pope. 

The pope said to him, “You must ask for forgiveness, otherwise it is the gallows for you. The Bible cannot be wrong. It is written that the sun rises and that the sun sets. You cannot be wiser than Jesus.” 

Galileo was a very wise and intelligent man. 

He said, “Since you order me, I beg your pardon. I will declare that the earth does not revolve around the sun and that the sun revolves around the earth. But my statement will not change the way things are; the sun does not revolve. What difference will anything I say make to the sun? But I shall extricate myself from this difficulty by saying it; I shall be saved from the gallows by saying it. I see no point in opposing you, but I must say this much at least – it is the earth that revolves.” 

Even if Galileo confirms that the sun revolves around the earth and the whole world believes it, how is that going to alter the truth? The truth is not decided by a majority vote.

And whenever a man attains to that height, society has done its best to obstruct his path. 

It has tried all possible ways, because it is an insult to society. 

Society’s ego is affected; society is hurt. 

That is why we crucified Jesus, gave poison to Socrates, threw stones at Buddha and insulted Kabir in every conceivable way. 

We cannot believe it is possible for this weaver Kabir to reach God and for us to be left behind. 

It is difficult for us to swallow; so we feel it is fine for us to say that he has not reached, to state that he is telling a lie, that his claim is false, that he has gone crazy. 

But we are not prepared to believe that he has reached God. 

Society creates all sorts of obstacles to prevent you from reaching God. 

Society is an anchor that prevents your ship from moving any further; society is like a dead weight that stops your ship from reaching God. 

The very nature of truth is such that it can only be reached in the depths of your silence. 

You are absolutely alone; there is no space for the other to be there at all. 

To be in samadhi is to go deeper and deeper into oneself. 

Being with the crowd means you are standing at the door. 

As you enter the inner room ( as I am doing during brushing) the crowd, the market, the highway and all the people disappear, and you remain alone. 

In that great and hidden solitude your meeting with God takes place. There is no other observer, no other witness.

That is why no one can produce a witness to swear that it has happened. If I say I have had a meeting with him in that deep solitude you may ask, “Who is your witness?” 

My answer would be, “There is no witness at all. At that point there cannot be any witness. You either believe what I say or you disbelieve it, but no witness to testify to it can be produced. 


One who walks alone. 

He alone finds truth.


Your mind will protest; it will tell you not to believe. Your ego will ask how such a thing can happen. 

You will say, “I have been left behind and this man has reached? This is not possible! This cannot be!” 

If you refuse to believe that Kabir has attained, that Buddha has attained, then the doorway to attainment will be closed to you forever. 

But if you can accept that Kabir has attained then the door remains open to you. 

You will say, “If Kabir can attain, then I can attain as well. There is a possibility. When it was possible for Kabir, why should it be impossible for me?” 

This is the difference between belief and disbelief. 

You cannot harm Kabir by your lack of belief, you can only harm yourself. 

By extolling Kabir you do not add to his greatness – his greatness cannot be heightened – but the quality of the belief, of the faith you have in yourself, is what opens the door of possibility for you.

One who walks alone. 

He alone finds truth.

At this moment – when you are absolutely alone in total solitude, when you are not on the periphery, when you are standing in your soul, when you are at the center – your total vision unfolds. 

Then you are total. 

And in your total vision, totality is visible. 

Wholeness is total. 

Your vision is incomplete at present. 

And you are also incomplete because your desires are not yet entirely fulfilled. 

If death comes to you and says, “Come with me. 

Your time is up,” 

you will say, “Please wait a while. 

Let me finish a few things.

 I have made a few commitments and they are not yet complete, so let me finish them.” 

But you will never be able to finish them altogether, because in trying to complete them you will have to make many more commitments. 

They will always remain incomplete. 

To be complete is not in the nature of sansara, of the world; to remain unfulfilled is its nature. 

Here in this world, no one is ever able to become completely satisfied. 

The only one to become complete is the one who has known this truth – that desires always remain unfulfilled. 

Even when desires are fulfilled it is never enough. 

You will only be content when you give up desiring. 

As long as you are chasing shadows you will never stop running. 

You can set out on a pilgrimage, trying to ignore the shadow, but the shadow will even follow you there. 

The man who desires will always meet with dissatisfaction. 

Desire only begins to fall away from the man who turns his back on it (and dare to face the Sun- even for few moments during brushing) And such a man will certainly arrive at the experience of totality. 

Wholeness is total vision; everything is holy. When desire is totally absent in you, you become total. In that totality, you acquire total vision. 

And in this totality of vision you will experience total ecstasy. 

All about you, on all sides, you will glimpse God, you will glimpse the one who is total.

(This totality is only achieved when you become neutral. Confused, choosing for and against, the whole world goes astray. Choiceless and celebrating god; he is a true sadhu. The man who has given up all taking of sides, who has dropped all divisions, and who has merged in love is the only seeker who becomes enlightened.-chapter 3)

By being for and against you are trying to confine truth in the prison of your own beliefs. 

You are busy trying to understand truth, but the power of your understanding is so small, how can you attain to truth with it? 

Truth is to be lived, not understood. It is possible to be truth, but truth cannot be understood. 

This is what Kabir means when he speaks of the arising of totality in a man; saying at the same time that the phenomenon always remains beyond comprehension.

Says Kabir: it can’t be understood. This is something unwritten.

(You just begin and slowly slowly it uncovers so miraculously, and so uniquely different for each person, that it cannot be understood and so not written too. This uniqueness needs to be explored and found but mind imposes it on body/money/talent/power/family etc to give birth to a pseudo entity called ‘ego’ and make us believe as real! ) 

One who walks alone. 

He alone finds truth. 

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