One who walks alone-II

Recently scientists have discovered that the Existence is like that defined by ancient Mystics as Nataraja statue shown in figure. It keeps moving ie dance of Natraja, as is written in scriptures.
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One who walks alone, 

he alone finds truth. 

Kabir said some wonderful things to the people, but the pundits were afraid of him. 

Many people became his enemies, but only on their sides. 

Kabir knew no enemies. 

Even if someone had cut his throat he still would not have seen him as an enemy. 

Kabir knew that the cutting could not happen to “him,” that what could be cut was not “him.” 

He knew the assassin would be exerting himself uselessly, and as far as Kabir was concerned, such a man would simply be committing a sin without any purpose. 

Kabir had no cause to worry. 

Such a man would simply be committing a pointless sin, unnecessarily creating a web of complications. 

Kabir would have pitied such a man.

Now there is no death, so how can anything be unfavorable or inauspicious? 

Behind whatsoever is looked upon as unfavorable, death is hidden somewhere. 

The shadow of death is what is seen, and it is that which is looked upon as evil.

You are not what you appear to be. 

From above the well may look small, but it is linked with the ocean. ( Means God )

Its mouth may be small, but its soul is vast. 

In the body you may look small, but this is only the mouth of the well; deep within you are limitless. 

And bear in mind that he who does not give will take. Taking is sin; giving is holy, sacred. 

This never occurs, but if a well were to take water from other wells do you know what would happen? 

Water seeks its own level, and if a particular well began to take water from others, then the sources from which it was obtaining its water would themselves begin to take water back from the well. 

The level of water always remains the same.

Understand this properly. 

You desire peace and rest, but you want them without knowing God. 

But this can never happen because the root cause of your restlessness is that you do not know God. 

My comments (My English is poor, pronunciation is further ahead of it. Still I write so that you may get a glimpse towards which I am pointing to, like it happens when you ask a stranger in non-English speaking country about something and he or she tries to explain it. If you are thirsty of this knowledge, so you get it too. The consciousness plays an important role in communicating the point at much higher level where we all are connected because I am writing only from my own experiences or understanding.)

If the well do not know about the ocean, that is OK. But in case of every human being this gift is given by default to all. 

Without knowing it the well can only think that if it will be filled up with soil then it will be dead. 

But that is not the case, the water is still there but just for others it stops serving with water. 

The death is not for the well but for others! 

Be it human being or a well, it does not matters much for existence or God. That is why the world keeps moving without the persons who died, species which are non existent etc. 

Our attachment with others, with our desires and not knowing our soul are the basic reason behind it. 

This is why first step is leaving all attachments or conditioning ie religion, education, relatives etc but still living within the society.

For example: 

If a cow is tied by a rope and another person is holding its other end. 

Then it is said that the cow is tied, but the person holding the other end is also tied too. 

If the cow somehow gets itself freed from him or her then who will run after the cow? 

Or if he or she set free the other end, will the cow run after him or her?

So when we are detaching ourselves is like we are freeing all others for taking their own decisions. Lao Tzu called it as ‘be like water’. Do not impose your boundaries instead adjust yourself. 

We are not going to impose our decisions on anyone or for buying anything etc. 

We will dedicate our acts to God directly and no one in between. This is taking very high responsibility, that usually all freedom imposes. 

To avoid it is best suited to most because you can always held other responsible for your misery.

But if you can become water then only one day you will become water vapour too. Then immediately you will engulf whole existence within you. This is enlightenment, or Knowing your soul or seeing your soul. To experience your soul is become God! The vapour (soul) has immediately spread itself into available infinite existence. Now there is no vapour anymore only the existence is. Or in Lao Tzu’s words becoming Tao itself. Or in Zen call it Satori. 

You are now a different or transformed person, the old has died and the new is born. 

The well now knows that it is connected to the ocean.

Osho says:

To know God means to attain to one’s own inner music. That is peace; that is rest. 

To know God means to be God, to be totally contented. 

That is peace; and before that there cannot be any. Only when you can see God in death will you be able to be peaceful, will you be able to be at rest.

So no matter what steps you take to protect yourself, all your efforts will finally prove to be unsuccessful. 

You put up a large building and then you see someone with a bigger one dying; you earn a lot of money and then you see a richer man dying; you achieve prestige and a great name and then you see a more famous man returning to dust. 

And so you know that all your efforts are pointless. 

You can try as hard as you can to persuade your mind otherwise, but you will never succeed. 

And that is why you are worried and uneasy. All the consolations you resort to are false. 

The older and older you grow, the more you begin to be aware of this, the more you begin to think about what can be done. 

You hanker after peace. But you are worrying about peace without worrying about God! 

How is that possible? You have been doing this very same thing through countless births.

My comment:

At least you can give it a try with totality, in this birth. Just to break the chain. 

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4 thoughts on “One who walks alone-II

  1. I like this quote “One who walks alone,
    he alone finds truth.” The truth in it is undeniable. Directing one to understand that there’s only one truth in a person’s lifetime and that’s their/ones own truth through the level of realization and self awareness. We are independently responsible for our awakedness and breaking out of blind communities and social programming is also our own responsibility.

    I like the well explanation. We all are connected to the one infinite source and even though blinded, there’s infinity potential only achieved after removing the blinders. And as you’ve illustrated, Just as water exists in 3 different states; solid-ice, liquid-water & vapour, so do we.

    I like this part the most. By seeing God within and divinity unfolding from everyone and everything in their different levels, we free ourselves and achieve peace. Thanks for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are correct. Just like two parallel lines meet at infinite, we all are connected through that source. The enlightened one is able to deliberately connect with it too. Meditation helps in expanding our zone, and upon reaching at certain level of expansion the infinite expands itself so that the connection of these two can ‘happen’. This first experience is like getting caught in the net of the Jesus, and you feel elated that you are caught! Till this time every time you slipped out of it, to take another birth and try.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like your ability to explain something complex with such simplicity. I’ve definitely learnt a thing in your perspective on the topic.

        Quick question; what’s your basic understanding of Jesus ethereal or other. And by take another birth I assume you mean reincarnation?


  2. Correction first *the infinite contracts.
    A1-Jesus got dissolved into infinite and now available to everyone who trust upon him, loves him.
    A2-Reincarnation of Jesus is never before and never again that only he could be able to chew and make his disciple believe that it is their master only. Suggesting a book of four volume ‘Come follow to me’-by Osho on Jesus of Nazareth. On archive its pdf is available. In case you do not find infirm you email.
    Indians believe in rebirth after death as natural process of step by step evolution of a human being into higher consciousness. It is so with everyone but Jesus stick to one life due to his own reasons.


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