Symbols {86} ~ Ichthus — DiosRaw

In Hellenistic Greek, the word Ichthus (aka Ichthys or Ikhthus) means fish. It is composed of two intersecting arcs. One end of both arcs extends beyond the meeting point, creating the profile of a fish. The fish is a very significant symbol for Christians. Literally, the word Ikhthus means Jesus (I) Christ (KH), God’s (TH) […]

Symbols {86} ~ Ichthus — DiosRaw

Getting caught in the fish net of Jesus is attaining ego less state.

It happens on its own, as Lao Tzu said Wu-Wei-Wu Or in Zen they say ‘Sit silently do nothing, season comes and the grass grows by itself green.’

In that egoless state the person becomes ‘Truth-that liberates’-said Jesus, and by it can be known by getting merged with it or become one with it. Now a days this ‘Truth’ is termed as Reality or Totality or Wholeness too.

Getting liberated from material world is getting caught in his fish net.

Meditation is the way to enlarge the size of fish, ie our soul. Loving and serving people as Jesus said too is part of meditation. The day your meditation has grown you in size larger than his net size, that day it happens that you are caught. We will keep repeating this cycle of birth and death till the time, when we decide that enough is enough now I will put in dedicated and sincere efforts to find the Reality or Truth. This may happen in this life too.
In ‘the book of mirdad’ it is said that at every blink of the eye, he is accounting our acts. This is like Jesus is throwing the net to catch the growing fishes. The moment the fish got caught is experience of Philosia for fish. Now immediately the realisation too happens that all others are still not caught. This is transformation. Now one is able to see things in its totality or Wholeness. This is knowing the Reality.

The first experience of being caught is Philosia.

Fish is used as metaphor by Kabir too, he has quoted Jesus in his couplets too, so it seems this wisdom of Jesus is used by him.
We all are like Fish. We born and die in the ocean of existence. Still our search is to know the existence or truth or reality or soul.

Going on pilgrimage is ridiculed by all Mystics, who believe on evolutionary mysticism, like Kabir because it is all around us, we need to put in efforts to create a situation which increases our size. If it is enough large than you will find it immediately without going anywhere.

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