The End of an Era ~ the End of a Marriage — Lotus Lindley

This week my best friend, meaning my now ex-husband, and I celebrated our divorce. Really, we celebrated the love we have for one another, life we had together and the life we each have created for ourselves. The divorce was simply a point of finality, from one timeline to another. We separated 2 years ago […]

The End of an Era ~ the End of a Marriage — Lotus Lindley

What a great way to live as human being. Speechless I am!

There is a lot to explore in this world and restricting oneself to any limit is a sin towards God.

6 thoughts on “The End of an Era ~ the End of a Marriage — Lotus Lindley

  1. What a wonderful take and an enlightening personal story! Divorce can be harrowing and tragic but it can also represent renewal- i speak from the experience of my parents’ amicable divorce 😊

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    1. Normal human beings get struck at the age of 13-14yrs. All their life their body grows but they lack maturity. It is possible only when one choose to grow like a tree. Society is always against such growth, it comprises of majority of those struck at 13-14yrs.
      The future of both these fellows is also very beautiful. This is the right way to live a human life, a blessing in itself.

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      1. Interesting point. I like the metaphor of plant-style growth. Our bodies are limited in form and size but that doesn’t mean our spirits have to be. We branch in any direction and to any height ☺️

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      2. However all my posts points on what is REALITY and what first step needed to take to let the experience, ecstasy, bliss happen on its own, because by that experience only it could be understood.
        Few of them may be a good starting points to get an overview about it.

        How meditation actually helps us?


        Sex is the seed, Love is the flower and Compassion is the fragrance. : Tantra by Osho

        Only few dare for Spiritual World too, after Conquering Zones of material world.

        You are infinite by default. Ego restricts/distracts us by alluring and/or by fear.

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