तारे ज़मीन पर – Happily divorced after enjoying ‘happy married life’ together.

Not only divorced happily engaged in the job in their hand to their best. Just like Dilip Kumar and Madhubala did during 10 years long shooting of Mughal-E-Ajam, even after their personal relations turned saur.

That time news print coloured tons of pages about their saur relationship. Now a deep silence prevails.

Why we are unable to digest even today that two persons mature enough to decide their future course of actions or life. If they feel that further this relation will is going to be a burden due to difference in their inclination, what is wrong in it?

I think further relations as friend make them all better persons in their life. Such freedom with support as a friend is need of the hour.

More friends in Bollywood helped their co-actors in their tough time than life partner.

Indore Edition of Free Press Journal
dated 10/07/2021 P14


Mumbai edition of Free Press Journal
dated 10-07/2021- Showing the divorced couple in happy mood doing their job in hand to their best.

I appreciate such maturity in people, specially actors, poets, musicians, painters, dancers. They are very near tp godliness and they must explore it for their own benefit. Enough they have already done for people.

Now their personal time with their inner self or in search of it begins!

Lots of and tons of blessings to the couple turned friend who gave us 3 Idiots, Lagaan, ‘Tare Jameen Par’ to name few.

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