Spiritual Entertainment Group on FB.

The flower attained its destiny and sharing its fragrance, beauty to all around. It does not bother there are any takers or recognisers around or not. Just giving is such a joy in itself, once anyone or anything attains the destiny. It is like overflowing of cloud.

About four years back probably in this month I experienced my first Satori. 

Since it was such a unique experience that I needed to go through many Osho’s books to confirm about it. 

Once confirmed by 30th August, 2017, I immediately decided to visit Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune where I wanted to go and never come back in 1982! But it remained a quest till that time, but that became the reason too, behind my efforts in reading and experimenting on my own. 

I have never joined any Osho meditation centre. Only one day my friend took me and my wife to a local centre in the morning to practically experience/learn Dynamic Meditation.

The prayer of Osho by incense stick and lighting lamp etc took me to surprise. Osho was against all such rituals! As I have read  many books in about last 18 years. So with that prejudiced mind, but whole heatedly I tried it.

After that Satori experience I got desperate to search enlightened Osho sannyasin, if there is anyone still there at Pune or on FB by joining groups. 

Till this week I tried but most of the groups are run by already enlightened people following Osho meditation by joining Osho meditation centre or its membership etc. Only those who are enrolled can post on their FaceBook group.

It seemed to me that most members got enlightened too, I am the last one to have experienced a Satori and they understand everything very well about Osho’s messages and all of his teachings. They have mastered all those technique and possess wisdom so that on any subject they can post or reply even better than the post on the group. 

This gave me idea to create one Group for people like me. 

  1. Those who wish to experiment on their own. 
  2. Who are great in learning that is something new for them. 
  3. Who do not wish to waste their precious time of this life in just entertainment only. 
  4. Who think that this life can be tried or nurtured in best possible way to make it as their last life, looking at challenges of life they are living. And imagining what difficulties they may have to face if they are born again and start fresh schooling or further education and or job or lifestyle etc. 
  5. Who have total trust in this belief that whatever effort a person makes towards spiritual progress is going to be accrued forever, (cumulative addition of efforts done in every life) is the way to take into account by God for such efforts done by a person or his soul or consciousness. 
  6. Who  trust that the enlightened souls are always available for their help and kept watching them. 
  7. Who visits a place where Mystics lived or died earlier as if he or she is still present in that moment and feel their presence by looking at the pond of water available there as a proof of it.

If any or all of these spiritual qualities you already possess than I can assure you that you too can get benefitted by learning ‘Awareness meditation’ and sincerely and silently experimenting it in your life. 

All Mystics like Osho and Osho can be felt as present while you are watching or listening or reading, and it is so true. So at the blink of your eye your every effort is accounted for and further way is provided by them in a mysterious way! 

Only after experiencing Satori you realise those mysteries not before that. This is another benefit of getting enlightened.

So the link to this group is as below. You are requested to go through each and every details given in it and it’s posts. 

This group is made self sustainable so you need to ‘visit’ only once in your lifetime. If you feel thirst to know more in future than also you can ‘visit’ it. I will keep posting whatever better material I find helpful for you, but as far as my experience is concerned it is complete in all respect as on date. 

Lao Tzu said it requires just two steps to get enlightened. The first step is most difficult-said Mahavir. Then keep repeating that till you reach to a point where you have exhausted yourself, like Budha felt that day crossing the Niranjana river. 

Then there is no need to take even second step because it was taken by God taking you on his shoulder-as Jesus said. You reach somewhere totally transformed but you have not taken any step too. This is why it is called as ‘The pathless path’ or ‘Effortless effort’ or Wu-Wei-Wu. 

So in short this group (strictly only on Awareness Meditation by Osho, as it helped me reach my destiny)  of help for you so that you could begin your journey, and sincerely dedicatedly experiment it in your life and keep reading books of all religions and Mystics too. 

Since the path for reaching the destiny is so unique for every person that you have to carve it out for yourself. My group or any other group is of no help further. So better not to waste your time here after visiting once. 


You may like to join it to spread the word or to get updated, so it is made as a public group initially.

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