Best ever Four Word’s advices worth remembering

Taken from a post on Facebook by “jus’saying”

Out of about 300+ advices by common people-only theirs is worth following too because it is the essence of their life and they learned the hard way.

Don’t take my advice or trust your gut feelings/every answer lies within

Do it and say- ie Don’t say I Do or Say what you mean.

Great things take time.

Always talk it out/ Do not assume anything

Do it your way/ Life is short enjoy

Don’t take anything personal – Don’t take life seriously Take the risk bro : Forgive often and quickly

Be grateful to everything

Listen more talk less – be thoughtful and considerate – learn to think, practice

Take nothing for granted

Work what you love

Live life to fullest / laugh more love more

You can’t change anybody

Never say I should’ve

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