Truth works in a miraculous way -II

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Last post on ‘Truth works in a miraculous way’ dealt with working of the Truth in an effort to let more and more people get benefitted by wisdom of all earlier Mystics. If anyone or if any society creates hurdles in letting it reach to the masses then it mutates to get it done. Timelessness has eternity in store to get it done. So any effort by anyone or any group of people or any society tries to stop flow of the truth towards masses then it is going to be in vain – in long run- but in the process the people doing such acts gets very badly affected.

this gift of life as human being is give to progress in any way towards finding the Truth and become free from cycle of death and life.

Unsuccessful attempt in the last life lead to the opportunity of taking birth as human being in this life.

The world is created such that it’s allurement will drive the person towards success in material world. While the Truth again and again keep putting the person on the path towards enlightenment.

The desires of one person ‘A’ towards success in material world will create another desire in other person ‘B’ at right time, whose action will put this person ‘A’ on path of truth again. All accidents or unplanned events that ‘happen’ in our life are in fulfilment of the desires of the truth.

If you blame the other person than you are creating another deviation. And in this way we keep on making desires again and again and in the end the person ‘A’ finds that the life is gone waste.

All the ‘happenings’ are as per the grand plan of the Truth so that everyone in this world gets enlightened or awakened or liberated from this cycle of life and death.

This is why the final falling into the Truth also ‘happens’ like an accident happens. In an accident something happens, so there must be a doer of it. The effect is there, so there must be a cause too, you may find the cause later on but that may not be the right one. Whatever you find comes from your own experience only. How you can find that is beyond your experience?

Lao Tzu called it Wu-Wei-Wu or Pathless path -you reached somewhere but you have not walked for it or Zen people call it effortless effort as they practice in Archery and Samuruai swordsmanship.

Any effort to drop desire is again a desire so that also does not work or even complicates the matter.

Awareness meditation practice for even 1-2 minutes in any of your daily routine act is of great help for me. Over a long period of time it automatically make you peaceful and desire free one by one, that even you could not notice it. Only the other person meeting after 20-25 years could recognise the change in you.

This is called as ‘सहज’ or ‘naturally’ by mystic Kabir. The enlightenment is your true nature. You got deviated from it due to the effect of society which brought you up from childhood. But there is no other way too, and it’s solution or antidote also lies with you this is why the Truth is not worried about its ill effects.

Mindfulness meditation or awareness meditation creates enough antibodies in your soul to get over these harmful effects of society around us. After enlightenment you start spreading these antibodies to other needy people by mere your presence near them. This is why it is recommended to live in company of enlightened persons. They act as vaccine for you, by just mere presence near them your antibodies starts growing.

Osho recommended that my true sannyason will live in society like a normal person, and benefit others. There is no need to run an Osho Meditation centre or Osho Ashram to get this done. They are for providing books, mp3 and Videos and minimal training for the desiring person. There too it is encouraged to experiment more and more on self or with nature by living silent. Keep eyes shut more and more, silence of mouth and ears too, eat minimum and live aloof from surrounding. This is true fasting as per Osho. So Osho ashram provides you a place away from home where you could live undistracted and alone with yourself or your inner being or the Truth.

If you could create such atmosphere at home or any other place for yourself that is best. You are benefitted by the presence of enlightened person unknowingly when you were in market. This way your effort and presence of master both get fulfilled.

Osho says that this way you are giving an opportunity to the truth to get discovered or reveal itself to you. This way at least you are not creating new desires and making raat tougher for yourself to get truth revealed to you.

Awareness meditation is the way worked for me, may be you too find it suitable otherwise Dynamic meditation is for most of the people. There are 110 other meditation techniques discovered by Indian Mystic Gorakhnath about 500years before and further modified by Osho that one can experiment and the suitable one could be practiced in routine life.

Osho International Foundation, Pune, India provides facility to learn these Sitting at your home, through Osho Meditation Day @€20.00 per person. OIO rotate times through three timezones NY,Berlin and Mumbai. You can prebook according to the convenient time for you.

This is an opportunity for learning and knowing Osho through these sannyasins who lived in his presence and brought to life his words in best possible quality in all formats. Disciples of Jesus left him alone in last minutes but Osho’s disciples remained with him till he left his body willingly after working, till last day, for all of us to get enlightened.

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