Virtual Currency is more REAL.

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All the symbols of Crypto and its Coined Images are equally unreal but creates an illusion of it being Real. This is right representation of every Virtual Currency.

During last two years of lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, people in India talking much about Virtual Currency and ‘The Reality’. 

However we keep forgetting ‘The Reality’ -that this body is mortal and every moment it’s chances of death are same- everyday, every minute of the day but during COVID-19 period we experienced the truth behind it.

First of all I wish to talk about what we treat as Real. Real means that which we can touch, feel, see, smell etc. So the currency we normally use is treated as ‘Real’ in that sense.

‘The Reality’ of any Currency is that it is based upon some principles of Economics ie Unreal thing. The human being behind it is equally volatile as his principles behind real currency.

 While it just helps the politicians etc in creating an illusion that it is real but it is equally virtual! 

In that sense the Virtual Currency is honest at least. It speaks clearly that I am virtual and whatever illusion you are creating is due to your own imagination.

This will help new generation of people involved in it, to understand that the whole world around us is equally virtual & created by our own imagination only. We are already living in a METAverse, we need to come out of it.

And there is better chances of ‘the greatest learning’ that they will learn through experience when they realised it in Crypto Currency world.

The person is more important and the state and state should serve its people instead of ruling them.

So this is my prediction that the new generation will see more people getting awakened in early age of life.

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