What happens when those giving highest regards to poets, have to face the real Poet.

We claim to be vegetarian and feel proud on Ayurveda. But we do not hesitate to run over the protesting farmers (who grow vegetables and medicinal crops so that we can keep feeling proud on our vegetarianism and Ayurvedic treatments) against three agricultural laws. -Vir Das, part of a monologue given in J F Kennedy stadium, Washington D C, USA. link https://youtu.be/5A-F9qu6c_4 

There is a saying in Hindi ‘जहां ना पहुँचे रवि (सूर्य) वहाँ पहुँचे कवि’ means ‘The poet’s eyes could see, where even the Sun rays are not able to reach’. Our kings of old times used to have such poets in their governing body to make the king aware of loopholes in their governance. And this government has given highest ever regard to the poet fraternity but alas only to those, who speak on their agenda. sadly they are not at all poets but their own puppets now it is proved. Otherwise someone from them must have noticed this well before. The other reason is that the king has appointed poets but not willing to listen criticism from them, but acreal poet have daring to sacrifice life to let truth reaches the king. 

Hindi translation of above monologue by TheWire.in by clicking given link.

शाबाश वीर दास तुम्हारे कारण कृषि क़ानून वापस लेने की कम से कम घोषणा तो हुई, अब वे भी उसे पूरा करके दिखाएँगे यदि इस घोषणा का असर चुनाव पर होते दिखा तो नहीं तो एक जुमला और।


Some meme on repeal of farm laws.

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